Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 Once Young Tang Strikes He Does The Job Of Two 2

"You should be the owner of this casino, right? Who knows if you would collude in secret? I want to shuffle the cards myself!"

Tang Chen smiled with good temper. "Up to you."

Shen Yu shuffled and dealt the cards skillfully.

"Flip over your cards."

Shen Zhiyi stood behind Tang Chen. She bent down and asked, "Are you capable?"

Tang Chen saw that Shen Yu looked complacent after flipping over an ace of hearts, and he flipped over his card without changing his expression.

"Remember, you cant ask a man if he is capable or not."

Shen Zhiyi looked at the eight of spades he flipped over. "If you lose to my brother, Ill mock you for life."

Shen Yu flipped open the second card and snorted coldly, "Hey, brother, dont be charmed by Shen Zhiyis pretty face. Shes black-hearted and likes to bear grudges. Shes also a lesbian. If you marry her, she will definitely make a cuckold out of you."

Tang Chen laughed lightly. "Whats there to be afraid of? I dont mind taking in her girlfriend as well."

Shen Zhiyi laughed coldly.

"Haha, well said."

Tang Chens words made Shen Yu develop good feelings for him. "I have a king of spades."

Tang Chen flipped open his card. It was actually a six of diamonds.

Shen Yu jumped up excitedly. "Haha, Ive won. You have to keep to your word and write off my debt. Lets continue gambling. Im so lucky today. If I dont win a few billion yuan, I will be letting myself down!"

Currently, Shen Yu had 29 points while Tang Chen had 14.

Tang Chen flicked away the cigarette ash casually. "The last card hasnt been flipped over yet. You have said your words too early."

Shen Yu pouted. "Are you trying not to take responsibility after losing or do you not shed tears until you see the coffin? If you want to make a comeback, you can only do so if you get the big joker. You should know how low the odds are for that, right?"

It was as if Tang Chen didnt understand his sarcasm as he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

"Treat it that I wont shed tears until I see the coffin."

"Ok. Lets reveal our cards together. Ill make sure youre sincerely convinced of your loss!"


Both of them threw their last playing card to the table at the same time.

Tang Chen got a big joker.

Shen Yu got a two of spades.

"" Shen Yu was stunned and cried without tears. He really wanted to slap his foul mouth.

Shen Zhiyi wasnt surprised at all.

Comparing Shen Yu to Tang Chen was like comparing a small-time nobody to the god of showdowns. The former was bound to lose.

"Second Master of the Shen family, youve lost."

Shen Yu gritted his teeth. "Another round."

Tang Chen interlocked both hands and rested them below his chin. He smiled playfully. "You have already bet your life to me. What else can you bet?"

Shen Yu moved his eyes and his gaze landed on Shen Zhiyi. His eyes shone. "If you want to marry Shen Zhiyi, you must get consent from the Shen family. As long as you agree to play with me again, Ill agree to the two of you being together."

Angered, Shen Zhiyi slapped him on the back of his head."Since you dont acknowledge me as your sister, on what basis are you interfering in my matters?"

Shen Yu choked. Without waiting for him to say anything, Tang Chen nodded.


Shen Zhiyi immediately glared at him.

The second round began.

Not surprisingly, Shen Yu lost again.

Tang Chen asked leisurely, "Do you still want another round?"

Shen Yu was not willing to take this lying down. However, he really didnt have anything more to bet.

Tang Chen rested his chin on one hand and smiled flirtatiously, "Ill give you another chance. Dont you have a group of good brothers? As long as you can borrow one million yuan from them, I can still write your debt off."