Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Once Young Tang Strikes He Does The Job Of Two 3

Shen Yu was at first overjoyed. Then, he was a little suspicious. "You will be that kind-hearted?"

"After all, Im your sisters boyfriend."

Shen Zhiyi glared at him but didnt rebut.

She also wanted to find out what Tang Chen was up to.

"Ok. Wait for me for half an hour. Ill definitely bring one million yuan back. My good brothers are very loyal!"

Tang Chen smiled until his fox-like eyes squinted. He looked as if he was very good to talk to. "Ok."

He hooked his finger at the two bodyguards who were standing by the side. "Go with him."


Once Shen Yu had left, Shen Zhiyis gaze fell on Tang Chen. "Peach-shaped eyes, what are you up to?"

Tang Chen spread open his hands and looked innocent. "Your brother sold you to me. Hes to be my brother-in-law in the future. Shouldnt I treat him better? A game of cards can win a Ms. Shen. Its such a good deal. I bet even Lu Zhanbei would be jealous."

Shen Zhiyi half-laughed. "Arent you afraid I will make a cuckold out of you?"

"Lets try. It might even be interesting."

Shen Zhiyi was speechless. ""

Not too long later, Shen Yu returned.

It was just that when he left, he was looking confident. Now, he looked defeated.

Tang Chen turned his chair and faced Shen Yu. "Have you borrowed one million yuan?"

Shen Yu shook his head.

He didnt expect that the group of brothers who fought alongside him would not only refuse him when they heard that he wanted to borrow money but also express agitatedly that they wanted to draw the line completely between them.

So it turned out that the so-called brotherhood was only just that!

Tang Chen walked over and patted his shoulder. "Will you still be in the triads in the future?"

Shen Yu shook his head.

Hed always felt that he had nothing. His father didnt dote on him and his sister didnt love him. Thankfully, he still had a group of good brothers who followed him around, and he wasnt alone.


He didnt even know what he should rely on in the future to survive.

Tang Chen threw him a look. "Follow me."

Shen Yu followed, confused.

Shen Zhiyi looked at his back and sighed.

Tang Chen took him to the monitoring room of the casino. Grid-like images appeared on the large screen. Tang Chen picked up a remote control and zoomed in on a certain image.

"Look closely."

A guest at one table could be seen touching the poker card. The number two immediately became the number nine.

Shen Yu widened his eyes in disbelief.

Tang Chen leaned lazily against the wall and brought up another image for him to enjoy. "Shen Yu, remember, no matter which field youre in, the person who buys will never be as smart as the person who sells. There are plenty of cheating tricks in a casino. Lets not say that youre stupid. Even if youre smart, you couldnt have guarded against it."

Shen Yu muttered, "But I always win money at a casino overseas"

He had relied on that money to support himself and his men.

Shen Zhiyi said suddenly, "I opened that casino."

Otherwise, even if he was extremely lucky, would the casino have let him off if he won every time he went?

It was as if Shen Yu got struck by lightning. He lost his usual arrogance and glanced at Shen Zhiyi helplessly. Then, he took off and ran away fiercely.

Tang Chen looked at Shen Zhiyi. "Not chasing after him?"

Shen Zhiyi drew a long breath. "Forget it."

She finally understood where Tang Chen was coming from.

Tang Chen let Shen Yu see the darkness and cruelty of the casino. He probably wouldnt want to gamble anymore in the future and had completely broken off his so-called brotherhood relationships. He would also give up on the thought of being a hooligan.