Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Suspected Of Shifting His Love To Another Person

It wasnt that Shen Zhiyi didnt think of this method. However, she cared about him and had too many considerations.

"Ive seen that group of brothers with Shen Yu before. Although they arent good, they still have some loyalty and shouldnt have fallen out with Shen Yu over one million yuan. What did you do?"

"I naturally had a wise plan."

Tang Chen was an orphan who had achieved todays success from nothingness. It was unknown how much danger he had experienced before. How would he not be able to deal with some fledgling hooligans?

Seeing that he was keeping her guessing, Shen Zhiyi couldnt be bothered to ask further.

Both of them left the casino. Shen Zhiyi buckled her seatbelt. "Where are we going?"

Tang Chen curved his lips and smiled at her. The smile was half-evil, half-ambiguous. "Your brother has already sold you to me. I cant wait to have a wild night with you."

Shen Zhiyi was speechless. ""

The next morning, Shen Zhiyi was sleeping soundly when she was awakened by her ringing mobile.

She picked up her mobile and asked in a daze, "Hello? Who is this?"

Lin Wanwan could be heard gossiping from the other end of the call. "Sister Zhiyi, what did you and Tang Chen do yesterday night?"

"Nothing much."

Tang Chen sent her home. Then, she slept until the next morning.

"Sister Zhiyi, youre on the headlines. Take a look at it quickly!"

After saying this, Lin Wanwan hung up the call.

Feeling inexplicable emotions, Shen Zhiyi put down her mobile. After getting out of bed and washing up, she looked at the gossip pages.

When she saw the headlines, she nearly spit out the lemon water she had just drank.

"Young Tang is suspected of shifting his love to another person and of being in a passionate relationship with a man!"

There was a low-res photo underneath the caption.

She was in the passenger seat, and her appearance couldnt be seen clearly. Tang Chen was smiling at her, looking very gentle.

Immediately, news of Tang Chen being gay and Lin Wanwan being made a cuckold became widespread.

Lin Wanwan could neither laugh nor cry as she sent out a Weibo message to clarify matters.

Lin Wanwan: "A king will eventually have a wife. I wish them a blissful marriage in advance."

The comments section was full of cheers and laughter.

"It should be that a king will eventually have a husband. I didnt expect young Tang to turn gay after being agitated by Ball. There are so many good women in this world. Dont be so foolish!"

"Hahaha. Hes gay. I finally have a chance now!"

"Ball, your spare tire is now on someone elses car. You should feel heartache, but this is inexplicably funny."

Lin Wanwan was smiling as she browsed through the comments. At this moment, Tang Chen forwarded her Weibo message.

"My heart remains."

These words ignited another round of heated discussions.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. She no longer cared about the rumors on the Internet and focused on filming.

"A Good Nights Sleep" had finished filming.

Lin Wanwan was used to filling up her schedule. As she wasnt short of money, she wasnt enthusiastic about going on programs and took on only a few endorsement advertisements.

Once the movie had finished filming, a TV drama wasnt enough to consume all her energy. She was prepared to take on another script.

Only with more good works can an actress truly prove her capabilities.

Si Hans heart seemed to be closely linked to hers as he gave her a call.

After listening to him, Lin Wanwan arrived at a coffee house near the winery.

She pushed open the door to the reserved room and found that aside from Si Han, there was also a familiar middle-aged man.

Wasnt this the director of "King of Limits," Wu Mingtian?


Lin Wanwan sat next to Si Han and greeted Wu Mingtian. She smiled and asked, "Director Wu, is the new season of King of Limits starting?"