Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 Not Leaving Lu Zhanbei Out Of The Conversation

"No. After internal discussions by the TV station, we have decided to shelve King of Limits for now. There are more reality show programs in this day and age. If we dont come up with something new, our signboards will be smashed. Im here because I hope you can participate in our new love show."

Lin Wanwan laughed abruptly. "Sorry, my boyfriends not interested in the entertainment circle."

"Youve misunderstood. This is a love show where celebrities and commoners fall in love."


Lin Wanwan had doubts about Wu Mingtians brain. Such love shows could indeed increase ratings. However, she had a boyfriend in reality and wasnt suitable to participate in this.

She was about to reject the offer when Wu Mingtian said sincerely, "Wanwan, were here to invite you after careful consideration. Dont worry, there arent any romantic segments arranged in this show. Some of the female guests are even married celebrities. The main purpose of our show is to let the audience see the real-life side of celebrities."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan looked at Si Han.

Si Han shrugged. "Its up to you."

Such programs always had high ratings. Coupled with the combination of celebrities and commoners, members of the audience would feel a strong sense of empathy. As long as the performance was good, she didnt need to worry about not attracting fans.

If it wasnt for Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan would have agreed to it.

"Can Director Wu give me a few days to consider?"

"No problem."

After sending Wu Mingtian away, Lin Wanwan felt that the mobile in her bag was vibrating. She dug out her mobile and saw that Lu Zhanbei had sent over a message.

"I have to leave. Im not sure when Ill be back. Dont miss me."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and turned her mobile screen to Si Han. "Have you seen such a scum boyfriend before? He didnt even say goodbye to me in person before leaving."

"You asked for it."

Lin Wanwan slapped Si Hans back. "Youre less likable now."

Si Han, who was drinking coffee, nearly choked when she slapped his back. He said in bad temper, "Youre the same as well. You used to seek me out because of work. Now, you dont leave Lu Zhanbei out of the conversation at all. How embarrassing for you to be eaten whole by him."

Lin Wanwan was not willing to take that lying down. "You will be eaten whole by Fu Ya sooner or later!"

"In the next lifetime."

Before leaving, Si Han asked her, "When will Fiery Rose finish filming?"

"In about a months time."

"Do you want to accept another script?"

"Is there any you fancy?"

"Ill mail the script to you later. Let me know after youve taken a look."


There was a wrap party tonight. Lin Wanwan planned to rest in the afternoon before attending it.

After returning to the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan took a shower. She lay on the bed and used her iPad to access her mailbox, then started to read the script that Si Han sent over.

Once she started, she completely couldnt stop.

Lin Wanwan had taken on numerous roles before. She had also played the antagonist several times. However, this was the first time she came into contact with such a role.

Killing someone didnt need any reason. Being evil didnt need any excuse.

She had an angel-like face but was more dangerous than a demon. When she was in a bad mood, if she saw someone whos only stepping on the lawn, she would have killed him or her.

She was extremely weak but completed many perfect crimes.

The movie was titled "Sin City." The antagonist was named Bai He.

As long as she acted well, this super big boss role could suppress the protagonist!

She loved it!

Lin Wanwan immediately called Si Han. Si Han contacted the director for "Sin City" but brought back a piece of regrettable news.

"They have already decided on An Shuyue to act as Bai He."

She was one of the newly-promoted top four actresses. She became popular recently and was highly exposed as well. It was just that she had a bad temper. However, people who liked her called it her attitude instead.