Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 Couldnt Get The Original Product So I Got A Substitute To Relieve The Boredom

Lin Wanwan complained, "You should have given the script to me earlier."

"They sent it to me in the morning and I sent it over to you in the afternoon. How much earlier could I have done so? Furthermore, the director directly appointed you for this role without having to go for an audition."

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Then what do they mean by this? Are they playing with me?"

"The investor for this movie is Jin Yuan."

Lin Wanwan understood everything when Si Han said those words suddenly. She couldnt help but give a tsk. "It looks like Jin Yuan hasnt given up on me yet. He wants to use this role to make me beg him. Damn, how is there such a slutty man?"

"Do you still want this role?"

"Of course. Its rare to find something I like so much."

Lin Wanwan had not seen a script that suited her taste for a long time.

"Si Dada, I remember this An Shuyue looks a little similar to me, right?"

"Yes. She debuted based on the name of Little Lin Wanwan.’"

Upon mentioning An Shuyue, Si Han frowned in irritation.

When this An Shuyue first debuted, she had tapped on Lin Wanwans popularity, regardless of whether it was for publicity or for going on programs.

When faced with a reporters inquiry on how she viewed the title of "Little Lin Wanwan," she expressed that she was honored.

Now that she had become popular, she immediately turned her back on her and had even vaguely degraded Lin Wanwan in public before.

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes and had an idea.

"Si Dada, hire an army to stir up trouble first. Create rumors on the Internet that An Shuyue got this role because Jin Yuan fancied her and wanted to groom her. Otherwise, how would she have gotten the role based on her shitty acting skills?"

"And then?"

"Leave the rest to me."


Lin Wanwan looked at the script again and felt that it was becoming more and more meaningful. She couldnt help but log on to Weibo, where she found that the official account of "Sin City" had already announced that An Shuyue was playing the role of Bai He.

This movie was to be directed by Zhang Songyun. His works had always been high-standard. There was a suspense film that was sold overseas as well and even won an international award.

He announced seven years ago that he wouldnt film movies temporarily. Now that he was making a comeback, movie fans and passersby alike were looking forward to it.

Lin Wanwan browsed Weibo for a while. Then, she changed her clothes and headed out.

The wrap party was held at a five-star hotel. Never-ending laughter resounded in the room.

"Ill go to the washroom first."

Lin Wanwan pulled open the door to the reserved room. Coincidentally, she saw a familiar figure flash past the corridor.

She squinted. Suddenly, her lips curved and she turned back to tell Fu Ya, "Find me at the washroom upstairs half an hour from now. Dont forget."

Although Fu Ya didnt know what she was up to, she could read the bad intentions from her eyes.


Lin Wanwan didnt rush to enter the washroom. Instead, she loitered around.

As she was walking, she bumped into Jin Yuan head-on.

Although Jin Yuan was in a suit and leather shoes, he looked like a human only on the outside. He saw Lin Wanwan walking over from not too far away and his eyes shone.

"Ms. Lin, I havent seen you in a while."

"How was it that you havent seen me in a while? Arent we seeing each other every day?"

"I dont understand what Ms. Lin means."

Seeing that no one was around, Lin Wanwan lifted a finger and placed it over his heart. She smiled like a flower. "As long as you have me in your heart, it means we are always together."

Jin Yuan didnt move and gave an unfathomable look. "What tricks are you playing now?"

"Do you have something going on with that little slut, An Shuyue?"

Her bold and shrew-like attitude stunned Jin Yuan. "I couldnt get the original product, so I got a substitute to relieve the boredom."