Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 A Real Beauty Was Dazzling Even If She Looks Arrogant

"The original product is here."

"Ms. Lin, Lin Qingxis not here right now."

Lin Wanwan seemed to not have understood the sarcasm in his words. She blinked, and her beautiful face exuded the aura of a mature woman mixed with a young girls innocence and purity.

"Sorry, I was only joking with you just now. Jin Yuan, lets make a deal."

Jin Yuan smiled gently. "I dare not make a deal with Ms. Lin. Im afraid of being played by you once again."

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart.Why pretend to be innocent?

He got her to play the role, then substituted her with An Shuyue, who looked slightly similar to her. In the end, he "coincidentally bumped" into her here. The motive was clear.

"Its such a headache that CEO Jin doesnt believe me. Why dont we do this? To make up for the emotional damage you have suffered, Im willing to take the lead and show some sincerity."

"Do share."

"Why dont we have a date?"

A trace of light flashed past Jin Yuans eyes. Although he didnt believe that Lin Wanwan would walk straight into a trap so easily, he still asked her, "What kind of date?"

"Coincidentally, Im going to the washroom. Lets go together, shall we?"

"Theres a difference between men and women. Isnt this a bit inappropriate?"

Lin Wanwan chuckled and pulled his tie fiercely. "Jin Yuan, I could smell your sluttiness from ten miles away. Why are you pretending to be a gentleman?!"

She pulled Jin Yuan to the female washroom upstairs.

"There are fewer people on this level. Lets do it here."

In the small space, the atmosphere was ambiguous.

Jin Yuan locked the door of the compartment and looked at the woman who was sitting on the toilet bowl. "Are you sure about the location?"

"Its pretty good here. Its free and exciting, and the reporters cant enter. That will save a lot of trouble. If youre not happy, then forget it!"

As she said that, Lin Wanwan got up and wanted to leave.

Jin Yuan held her shoulder with a hand. "Ok."

"Heh. Ill start stripping first, then."

Lin Wanwan slowly removed the suit on her body and unbuttoned her shirt. She felt Jin Yuans passionate gaze on her and suppressed the feeling of disgust, as if she had suddenly recalled something.

"Can you return the role to me now?"

"Ms. Lin hasnt paid for it yet but wants some benefits already?"

Lin Wanwan said with confidence, "Im doing this just in case you dont take responsibility afterward. Furthermore, Im here now. If I dare to go back on my words, a man like you can stop me, right?"

Before heading upstairs, Jin Yuan had gotten his bodyguards to station themselves at the toilet door. Even if Lin Wanwan knew a little self-defense, she couldnt run away.

He dug out his mobile and called Zhang Songyun.

"Director Zhang, theres no need to give An Shuyue the role of Bai He anymore. We will do as you wish and invite Lin Wanwan."

"The news has already been made public"

"The contract hasnt been signed yet, right? Just come up with some excuse."

After saying this, Jin Yuan hung up the call impatiently. He looked at the woman who was seated on the toilet bowl cover, smiling like a flower.

As he thought about what would happen next, his eyes turned dark. "Are you satisfied now? Do you need me to chase An Shuyue out of the entertainment circle?"

"I dont have any grudges against An Shuyue. Why chase her out?"

"Could it be that you werent the one who released rumors about me and An Shuyue?"

Si Dada had acted very quickly. Within an hour, a huge army had released those rumors.

However, as there wasnt any concrete evidence, aside from the speculations and doubts from netizens, it didnt set off too big of a wave.

"So what if it was me? Who asked her to dare steal my role from me?"

A real beauty was dazzling even if she looked arrogant.