Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Lin Wanwan I Had Belittled You

Jin Yuan gave a low laugh, looking handsome. Such a smile was enough to make one feel stunned.

"I have already done what I promised to. You should fulfill your promise now."

Lin Wanwan hooked a finger at him.

Jin Yuans heart beat fast and he leaned over, wanting to kiss her lips. From the corner of his eyes, she saw Lin Wanwan clenching her fists quietly.

Cold light flashed past his eyes.

The speed of Lin Wanwan making a move was definitely faster than his dodging action!


Following a muffled sound, the fist landed heavily on Jin Yuans abdomen.

Jin Yuans felt his world go dark, and he let out a heavy moan. He wanted to call someone over. However, as he opened his mouth, Lin Wanwan picked up the towel that was placed in the bucket used to clean the toilet and stuffed it in his mouth.

"Jin Yuan, you asked for this!"

She had already warned him previously. Since he wanted to die, she will grant him his wishes!

Lin Wanwan threw out punches one after another.

Jin Yuan was shocked and angry.

At the construction site previously, Lin Wanwan managed to attack him successfully because he didnt set up any defenses. Coupled with the fact that Lin Wanwan didnt give it her all, he had wrongly estimated her capabilities.

Jin Yuan wasnt someone ordinary. He calmed down very quickly.

He endured the severe pain and removed the smelly towel from his mouth. He was about to fight back when Lin Wanwan strangely stopped her actions, pulled open the door, and ran out.

"Help, someone wants to rape me!"

The bodyguards outside the door heard the news. Coincidentally, Fu Ya had reached this floor and went in as well. When she saw Lin Wanwan looking panicky, she laughed immediately.

Jin Yuans face turned pale and he shouted to the bodyguards, "Go! Grab them!"

If this matter became widespread, the good reputation he had accumulated for years would be ruined!

Before the bodyguards could take action, Fu Ya took a deep breath.


This scream was so loud that Lin Wanwans eardrums were about to burst. The people on this floor also heard this scream.

The washroom was surrounded by people immediately, and everyone started discussing what was going on.

Fu Ya pointed angrily at Jin Yuan. "This beast wants to rape Lin Wanwan!"

Everyone was shocked and looked over.

Lin Wanwan could be seen shivering against the wall. She clutched her collar with both hands and was so scared that her face turned pale. She said incoherently, "I I entered the washroom. This man suddenly barged in and said he wanted to be my sugar daddy. I refused him and he wanted to rape me. Thankfully, Fu Ya ran in and discovered me Otherwise"

She sobbed and evoked sympathy from a lot of people.

"Isnt this CEO Jin from Xiangyuan Corporation?"

After Jin Yuans identity was exposed, many angry accusations followed suit. "So hes the CEO of a company. Indeed, he is a beast in humans clothing and is a refined rascal. What kind of man would be so shameless? Ive already called the police!"

"Ball, dont worry. We will return justice to you! We will not let this scumbag off!"

"I just remembered that Jin Yuan is Lin Qingxis fianc. Lin Qingxi shared their loving photos before. I saw his affectionate look for Lin Qingxi. So it was all just a pretense!"

Amid the whisperings, Fu Ya held Lin Wanwan up. Jin Yuans cold voice could be heard from behind.

"Lin Wanwan, I had belittled you."

Lin Wanwan didnt turn back. She raised a middle finger behind her back.

Indeed, she liked simple and rude methods. However, this didnt mean she didnt know how to play tricks.

Furthermore, this was only the beginning.

Fu Ya held Lin Wanwan and left. The angry crowd refused to leave and pointed their fingers at Jin Yuan.

The storm calmed down temporarily only after the police arrived.