Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Wanwan Im Really In Love With You

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Half of Chu Yangs weight was hanging onto Lin Wanwan. His flirtatious posture made the atmosphere rather erotic.

Lin Wanwan jerked away, and she put on a choked voice, "Chu Yang, what are you doing?"

Chu Yang almost fell to the ground. Irritation brewed in him until he met Lin Wanwans frightened and adorable eyes. Chu Yangs heart softened, and he acted like he was under the influence of alcohol.

"Sorry, Im a little drunk."

"I Ill go to the washroom!" Lin Wanwan looked like she was still in shock as she rushed out of the room.

"Why did Wanwan leave?"

An Qiao, who was taking shots with the vice director, saw Lin Wanwan dashing out of the room. Just as he was about to check on her, Hai Lan stopped him.

"Director An, lets have a toast! By the way, Im curious, when will I finish my scenes?"

While asking, she secretly threw a look at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang got her signal and followed Lin Wanwan out.

Lin Wanwan stayed in the washroom for a long time to avoid Chu Yang. However, when she eventually came out, she bumped into the arms of someone fuming with the stench of alcohol.

From a specific angle, it looked like she was hugging him.

"Watch out!" The man held her in his arms before Lin Wanwan could balance herself.

"Thank you. Ill be going back to the room." Chu Yangs actions brought suspicion. Lin Wanwan quietly put distance between them.

Chu Yang grabbed her by the wrist in a flash. "Wait, I have something to tell you."

His affectionate expression was a dead give away of what he was going to say.

Lin Wanwan told herself to look innocent as usual. She didnt want to blow her cover of being a "child."

"Wanwan, Im in love with you!"

Just as Lin Wanwan thought, Chu Yang spilled nothing but words of confession. Looking at Lin Wanwans lovely profile, Chu Yang felt hot. He couldnt help but put her hands on his beating heart.

"I have to be honest with you. From the first time I saw you, I fell in love hopelessly. Would you please give me a chance to seek love from you?"

A handsome face paired with touching words, it was a pleasant scene.

However, it didnt strike any emotion in Lin Wanwans heart. All she felt was the urge to laugh out loud.

She acted all flustered and shook his hands away. Looking extremely appalled, she said, "What do you mean? I dont know what you are talking about."

Her eyes were clear as crystal, pulling strings in Chu Yangs heart. He was obviously head over heels for her. Feeling out of control, he slowly lowered his head.

"Wanwan, Im really in love with you"

What the hell!

Staring at the face zooming in right before her, she tried her best not to give him a tight slap. Instead, she tilted her head slightly and dodged the kiss.

At the same time, she tumbled back, looking more startled than ever.

"Chu Yang how could you do this to me? I Im going back!"

She ran, her voice echoing down the hallway.

Just as Chu Yang was about to chase after her, a short man emerged from the corner and handed a camera to Chu Yang.

"Mr. Chu, I got the photos here. Take a look!"

"Get lost!"

Looking at Lin Wanwans disappearing figure, Chu Yang hurried after her. A few steps later, he made a sudden turn and, with a deadly look, stared into the short mans eyes.

"Im the one whos paying you. Do not tell anyone about the pictures before you hear my instruction, not even Hai Lan. Otherwise, you are getting nothing but the down payment!"

"Yes, sir. No problem!"

Chu Yang carried on with the pursuit. Since he had already made his move, he wasnt going to stop there.

Thanks to Chu Yang, Lin Wanwan lost the will to stay for the party.

Before Lin Wanwan could get out, Chu Yang came running to her like a puppy after its owner.

"Wanwan, wait for me!"