Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150 Neither Of Them Was Good At All

News of "CEO of Xiangyuan Corporation barges into the female washroom and flirted with rising celebrity" made the headlines quickly. Members of the public who were at the scene shared photos of the incident. Lin Wanwans weeping look caused many fans to be angry.

They wrote to the police and requested them to punish Jin Yuan severely!

Lin Wanwan saw this piece of news and smiled playfully.

Xiangyuan was still pretty capable. They could actually change the crime from rape to molestation.

To many people, this was a sleepless night.

Lin Wanwan, who was pitied by the masses, was sleeping soundly. She even reached the production studio of "Fiery Rose" early in the morning.

Looking at her haggard look, the production team dared not mention this sad matter and only asked about her carefully.

"Lin Wanwan!"

At this moment, Lin Qingxi walked over aggressively. Even if she had tried her best to endure, her beautiful face was filled with anger and coldness.

"Stop reversing the facts. Youre obviously the one who failed to seduce Ah Yuan and then flew into a rage out of humiliation to malign him. I always thought that you were a good girl. I didnt expect you to actually do such an unprincipled thing. Dont you know you will ruin his future?"

As she said that, her tears fell and she looked pitiful.

"Which eyes of yours saw that I seduced him?"

"Ah Yuan and I are childhood sweethearts. I know his character. Furthermore, hes rich and powerful. Plenty of women would throw themselves at him. Does he need to rape you?"

Everyone in the production team thought of Jin Yuans deep affection for Lin Qingxi and a trace of suspicion appeared in their hearts.

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Lin Qingxi, Jin Yuans legs are on his body. If he didnt bear bad intentions, why did he go to the female washroom? Could it be that Ive hypnotized him? Who doesnt know that Jin Yuan has been intimate with other women outside? Only you would think that hes a gentleman."

Everyone nodded silently.

"Ah! I suddenly thought of something!"

The girl in charge of Lin Wanwans makeup slapped her forehead. "I remember An Shuyue was called Little Lin Wanwan. Could it be that Jin Yuan liked Lin Wanwan but couldnt get her, and thus he focused his efforts on An Shuyue? However, a fake is still a fake. Did Jin Yuan give in to his brutish nature and commit this after drinking too much?"

Everyone was at first stunned. Then, they felt that what she said made sense.

"All of you are spouting nonsense!"

Regardless of whether Jin Yuan liked Lin Wanwan or if he really did such a shameless thing, Lin Qingxi couldnt accept it.

The thing that she was most proud of in this lifetime was snatching a perfect fianc from Lin Xiao. She would definitely not allow anyone to destroy her happiness!

"Qingxi, from what I see, your fianc isnt someone good. You should leave him early."

Hearing these words carrying pity, not only did Lin Qingxi not feel comforted, she felt more crazed instead.

"Lin Wanwan, the police will definitely return Ah Yuan his innocence. What is fake is fake. It will never become true!"

After saying such ruthless words, Lin Qingxi turned around and left.

Lin Wanwan sighed hypocritically.

There wasnt any eyewitness or surveillance camera. Jin Yuan could never make a comeback.

The rumors among the production team spread very quickly to the Internet. Netizens felt that this was reasonable.

In order to avoid suspicion, the director of "Sin City," Zhang Songyun, had no choice but to reject Jin Yuans investment. He also mentioned that he would hold an audition for the role of Bai He.

Zhang Songyun had to be cautious to save his own skin. He had no choice but to reveal that it was indeed Jin Yuans intention for An Shuyue to play the role of Bai He previously.

Everyone started to scold Jin Yuan and question An Shuyue. Lin Qingxi gained a lot of sympathy points.