Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151 The Most Important But Not The Only One

Lin Qingxi, who had always been proud, couldnt accept the pity that others had for her.

She came to the villa where Jin Yuan lived and saw Jin Yuan, who had just returned from the police station.

"Ah Yuan, why did you have to do this?"

Upon seeing him, Lin Qingxi cried, stating her grievance.

Jin Yuan sat on the sofa and pulled his tie. His impatient look pierced her eyes, and she couldnt help but ask, "Jin Yuan, we have known each other since we were four and weve dated since we were fifteen. You should know clearly how I feel about you. How can you be so cruel to me?!"


The scandal this time had caused the stocks of the branch company that Xiangyuan Corporation opened in Xia country to plummet. Jin Yuan was still feeling irritated over this. When he heard Lin Qingxis cries, his face turned gloomy.

"Can you let me have some quiet moments?!"

"Jin Yuan, unless you promise me that you will never be in ambiguous relationships with other women, I will tell Uncle and Auntie that their son is a bastard!"

"Im a bastard?" Jin Yuan smiled coldly without the gentleness of the past. "Lin Qingxi, do you think youre someone good?"

"What do you mean?"

Jin Yuan looked at her until she started to feel goosebumps. He said coldly, "That year, I saw with my own eyes you and your third-party mother knocking Lin Xiao out. You tied her up and used a knife to disfigure her face, didnt you?"

"" Lin Qingxi immediately turned pale.

"You were still so young then. Lin Qingxi, how cold-blooded and ruthless were you to have done that? Actually, you dont love me. You love that us being together has fulfilled your vanity."

Otherwise, she would have kicked up a fuss when the matter about him wanting to sleep with Lin Wanwan was exposed.

Lin Wanwans move shattered their shiny packaging and revealed the ugly contents inside. That was why she was mad.

Lin Qingxi collapsed on the sofa, not saying a word.

She calmed down and knew that she shouldnt continue to kick up a fuss with Jin Yuan. Otherwise, she would only attract his disgust and hatred.

Indeed, after he saw her pitiful look, a trace of pity flashed past Jin Yuans heart and he walked over and hugged her shoulders.

"Nobody can replace our twenty-year relationship. Although I know of those matters, I still chose to be with you. Believe me. In my heart, youre always the most important."

Lin Qingxis lips twitched.

The most important

But not the only one.

"Ah Yuan, Im tired."

"Ill carry you in to rest."

Jin Yuan placed her on the big bed in the bedroom and kissed her on the forehead. "Qingxi, I will definitely solve this problem."


When she couldnt see Jin Yuans figure anymore, Lin Qingxis expression gradually became ferocious.

So what if she had ruined Lin Xiaos face? She couldnt wait for Lin Xiao to die in her hands!

Jin Yuan said that she was cold-blooded. What about him?

He had seen for himself his fiance being hurt. However, he didnt say a thing and got engaged with her, as if nothing had happened. Who was more cold-blooded and ruthless?

Lin Wanwan didnt know that her move nearly made an unmarried couple go into a dog-eat-dog situation.

She had already achieved her purpose. As such, when the police called her to say that there wasnt sufficient evidence, that she didnt suffer any real harm and, thus, that they couldnt detain Jin Yuan, even if she knew that Jin Yuan had played some tricks, she didnt pursue the matter.

Jin Yuan asked the public relations department to issue an apology letter. The idea was that he had admired Lin Wanwan for a long time and tried to be frivolous toward her after he lost control of his alcohol consumption.

Upon seeing this, Lin Wanwan was overjoyed.