Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Fetching You From Work With My Brother In Law

Jin Yuan was definitely a classic example of someone beaten who was unable to say that it hurt!

Very well!

Lin Wanwan was happily browsing through the news when Lu Zhanbeis video call came.

"Hi, Dear. Did you miss me?"

Lu Zhanbeis expression on the screen was lukewarm. "Are you very happy?"

Lin Wanwan was happy. "I taught a bastard a lesson. Indeed, Im very happy."

"How did you teach him a lesson?"

"I used a" Lin Wanwan got a hold of herself fiercely and tried to say as naturally as possible, "I hit him."

Lu Zhanbei smiled and said what she hadnt said, "Used a honey trap?"


Even if Lin Wanwan was stupid, she could tell that he didnt have good intentions.

"I swear, he didnt even touch a single strand of my hair!"

"Lin Wanwan, you really should count your blessings that Im not in the country."

"When will you be back?"

Lu Zhanbei knew that she was changing the topic. "Within a month."

"Why is it so long?!"

"Miss me?"

"A little"

Both of them chatted with each other. Lin Wanwan suddenly thought of something. "Oh, right. A show where celebrities and commoners fall in love invited me to participate. Should I accept?"

Lu Zhanbeis smile was exceptionally gentle. "What do you think?"

Lin Wanwan coughed. "Understood, understood. Ill reject it later."

She didnt have much interest in this program to begin with. It was just that, due to the relationship with Wu Mingtian and the high ratings, she wanted to ask for Lu Zhanbeis opinion.

Lu Zhanbei changed the topic. "Actually, as long as you have a good grasp of the matter, I dont see why not?"

Lin Wanwans eyes widened and her mouth opened. "Lu Zhanbei, are you serious?"

"I have always been supportive of your career."

Lin Wanwan felt that everything was dreamlike.

What kind of boyfriend was Lu Zhanbei?

He was narrow-minded, and as long as someone had spoken with her for a long period of time, he would treat the other party as a love rival.

Now he actually allowed her to fall in love with someone else?

"Youre the one who said this."

"Ive never gone back on my word to you."

"Ok. Ill give Director Wu an answer tomorrow, then."


The next day, Lin Wanwan arrived at the production studio and realized Lin Qingxi was there as well.

Aside from her eyes being red and swollen, she was calm, as if nothing had happened. This caused the production team to show concern for her.

Lin Wanwan looked at her weak smile and knew that she must not be feeling good in her heart.

Her top-notch fianc had become a scumbag. How could she continue to show off in the future?

As time passed, the storm calmed down.

During the filming period, Lin Wanwan went to the audition for "Sin City" and successfully obtained the role that she liked. She also agreed to Wu Mingtians invitation.

However, both of these jobs needed some preparation time. Thus, she was currently focusing on filming and promoting her movie.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Lin Wanwan took some time out to pick Liu Zilin up from the hospital.

Shen Zhiyi told her repeatedly that although her bones were healed, she had suffered serious injuries after all. She needed to go for regular checkups and not do too tiring work. Rehabilitation was important as well.

Lin Wanwan and Liu Zilin had just walked out of the hospital when they saw Shen Zhiyi chasing after them.

"Sister Zhiyi, why are you here?"

Shen Zhiyi sighed and pointed to a blue sports car in front of the hospital.

Lin Wanwan looked over in puzzlement. "Isnt this Tang Chens car?"

Shen Zhiyi walked nearer and knocked on the car window.

As the car window rolled down, Tang Chens charming face was revealed. He threw Lin Wanwan a wink out of habit, then smiled and looked at Shen Zhiyi.

"Miss, Im fetching you from work with my brother-in-law."