Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153 Calling Him Brother In Law


Lin Wanwan was shocked. "Tang Chen, when did you get married?"

Shen Zhiyi stared at the figure hiding behind Tang Chen.

"Come out!"

Shen Yu stuck his head out and opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but hugged Tang Chens elbow in the end. "Brother-in-law, save me quickly!"

"" Lin Wanwan blinked. Something seemed to have happened, eh?

Shen Zhiyi couldnt wait to hit this a*shole brother of hers to death. "What nonsense are you uttering?!"

Tang Chen wrapped both arms around his chest and smiled exceptionally flirtatiously. "Shen Yu, I won your sister. Although I only plan for her to be my concubine, I can still accept you calling me brother-in-law."

"Peach-shaped eyes, are you seeking death?" Shen Zhiyi glared at him, then turned around to look at Shen Yu. "I repeat, get off the car!"

Shen Yu refused to let go of Tang Chens elbow. People not in the know would have thought that they were birth brothers.

"Brother-in-law, I think youre right. Whoever marries a mean hag like Shen my sister will be unlucky."

Upon hearing how he addressed her, Shen Zhiyi was stunned.


Tang Chen saw the indistinct tears in her eyes and smiled.

Shen Zhiyi lost control for only a moment. When she spoke again, her tone eased a little. "Get off the car. Otherwise, dont blame me for using violence."

Tang Chen threw Shen Yu a look.

"Brother-in-law, you will want me, right?" Shen Yu stared at him fixedly, like a fanboy.

Tang Chen was happy. "How would that happen? Follow her with peace of mind. If she dares to bully you"

"Youll bully her on the bed?"

As soon as Shen Yu finished speaking excitedly, his ear got twisted tightly. It hurt so much that he started screaming.

"Brother-in-law, save me quickly!"

Shen Zhiyi dragged him out of the car and rolled her eyes at Tang Chen. "Leave quickly!"

Tang Chen raised his eyebrow. "The speed at which you kick me to the curb after Ive outlived my usefulness is a little fast, eh?"

"The speed at which I castrate someone is even faster. Do you want to try?"

"" Tang Chen touched his nose and looked at Lin Wanwan. "Shall I give you a lift?"

Lin Wanwan didnt drive today and nodded happily.

She pulled Liu Zilin into the sports car and waved to Shen Zhiyi.

The car drove smoothly on the roads. Tang Chen noticed Lin Wanwan holding back her words and his lips curved slightly.

"If theres anything you want to say, say it."

"You and Sister Zhiyi"

Tang Chen looked over with interest. "Are you jealous?"

Lin Wanwan laughed. "I just feel that the two of you are quite compatible."

The smile on Tang Chens face remained unchanged. However, his eyes darkened.

Could it be that she treated his one-sided love for her as a burden? That was why she spared no effort in pushing him to another woman?

Lin Wanwan knew that she wasnt in a position to say such words. After hesitating for a while, she said in a low voice, "Tang Chen, we have to look forward. Drawing a circle on the ground to serve as a prison is a stupid method. You gain some, you lose some. Vice versa."

Tang Chen felt helpless. "Can you stop giving me poisonous chicken soup?"

Lin Wanwan was unwilling to take this lying down. "This is obviously a nourishing chicken soup for the soul."

Tang Chen smiled and didnt say anything.

The car stopped at the winery. After letting Liu Zilin get off, Tang Chen sent Lin Wanwan back to the Yun Mansion.

Out of nowhere, Tang Chen suddenly said, "Be careful in the future."


"Jin Yuans not a simple character. His only weakness is lust."

Lin Wanwan thought of Jin Yuans sinister-looking face and nodded.

Upon them reaching the Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan got off the car.

Tang Chen leaned against the car door lazily. "Not inviting me in?"