Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Lets Live Together

"However, Lu Zhanbeis not in."

"Its because hes not in that I wanted to enter. Otherwise, how else can I seize the opportunity?"

Lin Wanwans lips twitched and she waved her hand decisively. "Goodbye."

Tang Chen saw the view of her back disappear.

Lu Zhanbei wasnt around. Thus, Lin Wanwan focused all her energy on work. The filming progress was very fast, and nobody from the production team came up with any stunts.

Lin Qingxi maintained a friendly relationship with many people, as usual. It was just that the way she looked at Lin Wanwan occasionally was scarily cold.

After "A Good Nights Sleep" entered its publicity phase, Lin Wanwan moved around in the major cities and became very tired.

Fu Ya handed her a glass of cold watermelon juice. "The timing of Lin Qingxis debut movie in Xia country might clash with ours."

"When did she film a movie?" Lin Wanwan had never liked to inquire about other people.

"Before filming the TV drama, she accepted a movie titled Good Luck Arrives. Its a romantic comedy. Isnt the Silver Deer Movie Festival happening soon? Lin Qingxi has some wild ambition and wants to win an award for her very first movie."

Lin Wanwan understood it.

As everyone knows, the Silver Deer Movie Festival favored comedies. Lin Wanwan thought of hitting on what one liked as well. However, she had just entered the entertainment circle back then and didnt have a strong foundation. Although the movie she filmed was praised well, sold well, and was shortlisted for a number of major awards, she eventually didnt receive the award.

This time around, she wanted to rely on "A Good Nights Sleep" to become the most popular actress.

Even she, a local from Xia country, had to pave the way for a long time before taking a hit on the most popular actress award. Lin Qingxi was an outsider with a shallow foundation. How did she have such confidence?

The night arrived quietly.

Lin Wanwan couldnt help but send a message to Lu Zhanbei.

"It has been over twenty days. Youre still not coming back?"


"Which day is it exactly?"

"Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps the day after tomorrow."

Lin Wanwan really wanted to slap his face. What kind of damned answer was this?

"Ill give you another half a month. If you still dont come back"

A picture accompanied this message. There was a small character putting on a green hat for the other person and saying "Be obedient and wear it properly. Its crooked now."

Lin Wanwan browsed Weibo for a while out of boredom. She was about to sleep when Wu Mingtian called and informed her that they were going to record the show the day after tomorrow.

Filming for "Fiery Rose" was about to end. Lin Wanwan didnt have many scenes these next few days. After discussing with Yue Xiang, she used a day to finish filming a few days worth of scenes.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day when the show was recorded.

This love reality show was called "Lets Live Together." Four pairs of celebrities and commoners were invited. In order to preserve its mystery, not only did netizens not know who the guests were, even Lin Wanwan herself didnt know who her partner was.

As the TV station was going to pick her up, Lin Wanwan slept in her own condominium last night. The production teams car arrived downstairs early in the morning.

Lin Wanwan dragged a small suitcase up the car.

They traveled at the speed of lightning. The car stopped in front of the gate of a luxurious villa with a sea view. The villa was surrounded by a lake and a lawn that was planted with precious flowers.

A light breeze blew and everyone felt refreshed.

Lin Wanwan got off the car and crossed a cobblestone path.

For afar, she saw that a group of people was gathered on the lawn.

"The other three guests have arrived."

Lin Wanwan looked up and realized that two of the three guests were familiar faces.

"Wanwan, come over here quickly!"

Wu Mingtian waved to her. When shed walked nearer, he smiled and started the introductions.

"This is An Shuyue, one of the newly-promoted top four actresses. As for Meng Lu you should be regarded as old acquaintances by now. All of you might not be familiar with the last one. Teacher Zhao Keqing is our goddess in the entertainment circle who never grows old. She has played a lot of classic roles before."