Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 The Mysterious Partner

Lin Wanwan looked at Zhao Keqing.

Zhao Keqing was 42 years old, but she still had a beautiful charm. What was rarer was that she looked heroic, and people would never forget her look after one glance.

She had made great achievements when she was young. However, it was a pity that she married into a rich family early. Now that she was making a comeback, it was rumored that she was facing problems in her marriage.

"Hello, Sister Zhao."

She smiled obediently. Her calling her Sister Zhao added a smile to Zhao Keqings face.

"Im so old that I can be your mother. Just call me Auntie Zhao."

Lin Wanwan blinked. "Director Wu, Sister Zhaos just over 30 years old. Is it appropriate for me to call her Auntie?"

"Of course not. Call her Sister."

Zhao Keqing smiled helplessly, but her eyes were full of smiles.

An Shuyue and Meng Lu saw that Lin Wanwan used only a few words to make the cold and queen-like Zhao Keqing smile.

Meng Lu smiled coldly and pouted. An Shuyue mumbled with disdain, "She only knows how to be a bootlicker, just like a small eunuch."

A number of people heard these words.

Lin Wanwan didnt seem to have realized it. However, Wu Mingtian stared at An Shuyue warningly.

An Shuyue had a child-like look but had huge breasts. When she debuted, a lot of geeks treated her as their goddess. A lot of men found her doll-like voice cute.

She was half a year younger than Lin Wanwan. As she became popular smoothly and her family was rich, she developed the habit of talking without using her brain.

The moment Lin Wanwan saw An Shuyue, she knew that they couldnt be friends.

"Ok. We are about to start the cameras rolling. Pay attention."

What Wu Mingtian meant was that every image captured next might be presented to everyone in the country. If they didnt want to get any criticism, it was best for them to pay attention to their image.

"After a few rounds of screening, we have selected these male guests to participate in our show. Everyone, please give them a round of applause!"

Following the applause, an SUV drove over.

The car door was pulled open and a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes got off. He looked elegant and educated.

Wu Mingtians introduction confirmed Lin Wanwans conjecture. "Teacher Zhao, this is Mr. Si Machang. Hes a university professor who is knowledgeable. Hes 45 years old this year and has a daughter. I believe both of you have a lot in common."

Zhao Keqing nodded, looking satisfied.

The second car that drove over was a modest BMW. The guest who got off smiled gently. Meng Lu didnt seem to be too satisfied, but she didnt say anything.

The third was An Shuyues partner.

He drove a showy Maserati and didnt stop in a hurry. Instead, he showed off by driving a full round before pulling open the car door and revealing his handsome face, which was comparable to a Little Fresh Meats in the entertainment circle.

An Shuyues eyes shone immediately.

The car belonged to the male guest. Obviously, he was rich and handsome.

The last guest still didnt appear.

Everyone stood under the scorching sun and was getting a headache. An Shuyue was long since irritated. "Director, why isnt Lin Wanwans partner here yet? It couldnt be that he was dissatisfied with your arrangement and thus isnt coming, right?"

Meng Lu had had a grudge with Lin Wanwan before and she naturally kicked a man when she was down happily. "How embarrassing is this for Lin Wanwan"

Wu Mingtian frowned and looked at the time. He was about to make a call to check on this when, at this moment, a buzzing sound came.

"Hes here!"

Wu Mingtian heaved a sigh of relief. He looked ahead intently and widened his mouth suddenly.

A slightly old and yellow QQ car drove over slowly. It looked like a worm crawling on the floor. It even trembled from time to time, making people doubt if this car would fall apart at any time.