Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Mr. Lu The Delivery Man

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What the hell! Isn’t he done?

Lin Wanwan tilted her body swiftly to avoid Chu Yang’s approaching hand. She asked with a trembling voice, “What do you want from me?”

Chu Yang’s eyes were filled with tender affection. He coaxed, “I’m serious about this, Wanwan. Please give me a chance! I’ll love you and protect you with all my heart. I won’t allow anyone to bully you. I’ll solve all your problems at work. Please, trust my sincerity, will you?”

Had she been an amateur, she would have been very touched by his words.

Chu Yang had the looks to back his words up. In the entertainment scene, he held a pretty admirable position. Accepting his confession would certainly bring ample benefits.

However Lin Wanwan did not believe a single word of his.

Although she didn’t know Chu Yang’s reason for going after her, she could sense Chu Yang’s hatred deep down.

A vain man like Chu Yang would never admit to falling in love with a fool.

Since Chu Yang showed no sign of giving up, Lin Wanwan got sick and tired of dealing with him. Looking at her watch, she said apologetically, “I have no idea what you are talking about. It’s time for me to go back to school. Bye!”

“Lin Wanwan!”

Her constant rejection made Chu Yang’s face sink.

It might have been the effect of the alcohol, or just the end of his patience: he pulled Lin Wanwan’s wrist vigorously.

Lin Wanwan was pushed against the rock pillar, and her back felt the burning sensation from abrading against the rough surface.

“Chu Yang, let go of me!” Lin Wanwan was seeing red as anger filled her voice.

Chu Yang didn’t seem to realize the change in her tone. His body restlessly pressed against Li Wanwan as he lowered his head. Lost in lust, he slowly moved his lips closer to hers.

“Wanwan, you are so beautiful I prepared a gift for you, follow me to my room tonight”

Did he take her as a fool who wouldn’t understand what he wanted?

Realizing that his lips were about to meet hers, Lin Wanwan couldn’t take it any longer. Her legs were in the position to strike!

However, someone struck an attack before she could.

Chu Yang was kicked right in the belly. His body bent into an arc as he flew across the hallway, letting out a heavy groan.


As Chu Yang landed, his body twitched in pain, proving the power of the kick.

“Lu Zhanbei!” Lin Wanwan looked back in surprise. The familiar cool face got her smiling from ear to ear.

Looking at the hand holding tightly onto his arm, the man raised his brows. “I decided to send you to school since I was passing by.”

“Let’s go then!”


Before they could leave, Chu Yang’s interrogating voice came from behind. “Lin Wanwan, who is he?”

He sounded like a husband who just caught his wife cheating. Lin Wanwan snorted at his tone.

“Take a guess.”

“Your boyfriend?”

Chu Yang held onto his stomach while picking himself up from the ground. After studying Lu Zhanbei with judgemental eyes, his already dim expression darkened.

“Lin Wanwan, you’ve rejected a top actor’s confession to be together with this loser. You sure are a fool!”

What? Anger from embarrassment?

Ignoring the fact that Chu Yang was nowhere close to being a top actor, there was no way he could compare with Lu Zhanbei!

Where did he get his confidence? Does he seriously think he’s better than Lu Zhanbei?

“I love him from the bottom of my heart!”

Noticing Chu Yang’s judgemental eyes, Lin Wanwan spoke in all seriousness, “He doesn’t own much, just a delivery man working at a fast food restaurant. He can’t even afford a place to stay, and I have to help him out at times. However, I have fallen in love with him helplessly, isn’t it funny?”