Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Teamed Up To Shame

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“” Delivery man?

Lu Zhanbei gave her a long glance and showed a sly smirk in return.

After that, the newly promoted “delivery man” held onto her waist cooperatively. “Although I’m not wealthy, I have a heart that will stay with you forever!”

Lin Wanwan threw herself into his arms, hiding her hysterical laughter from Chu Yang.

The hatred on Chu Yang’s face intensified.

Lu Zhanbei had nice clothes on, which brought Chu Yang doubts about his identity. He was worried that Lu Zhanbei was a low-profile mogul. After hearing Lin Wanwan’s words, he let his guard down.

Just a pretentious loser who had spent all his money on his looks!

“Lin Wanwan, I’ve always thought you were an innocent girl. From what I see now, you are flirting with guys before your brain even fully develops. This loser just kicked me. Do you believe that I can’t get him in jail through a simple phone call?”

Hearing Chu Yang calling him “loser” again and again made it harder for Lin Wanwan to control her laughter.

“No!” She held onto Lu Zhanbei’s hand “nervously.” Her eyes were tearing up. “Chu Yang, what can I do for you to forgive him?”

Chu Yang lowered his voice, “There is a way”

His eyes of disdain glanced at Lu Zhanbei, and Lu Zhanbei stared right back at him.

Lu Zhanbei was handsome and exquisite, and his expression was cold and distant. When the pair of transcendent eyes looked over, it seemed to be those of an emperor overlooking a weak ant. The nobleness that was born with him had been deliberately concealed, but it was still compelling.

Lu Zhanbei didn’t say a word, his lips curved into a perfect arc.

For some reason, Chu Yang’s heart raced, and he felt like this was not a fight he should take.

“Chu Yang”

Lin Wanwan’s voice pulled Chu Yuan back to reality. Looking at her soft and delicate figure, his pupils constricted.

“Wanwan, we are colleagues nonetheless. All you have to do is give me a private apology for me to forget about this.” He emphasized the word “private.” It was clear what he desired.

For a split second, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes flickered with fire.

Lin Wanwan smiled and signaled Chu Yang to come closer.

Her smile was like a devil’s charm, luring Chu Yang over to her.

“Wanwan, be mine”

Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei and asked, “Mind if I borrow your hand?”

Lu Zhanbei put his hand out.

Lin Wanwan held onto his wrist and raised it as high as she could.


A tight slap landed on Chu Yang’s face with no warning.

“Chu Yang, are you sober now?”

Baffled, Chu Yang stared at her in disbelief.

Lin Wanwan took out a handkerchief from her pocket and carefully wiped Lu Zhanbei’s hand. She took her time to make sure every corner was clean.

“Sorry for dirtying your hand.” She looked impeccable even when she was spilling hurtful words.

Lu Zhanbei didn’t stop her. “My pleasure.”

Lin Wanwan beamed. “It’s getting late. Let’s leave!”

Their bantering riled Chu Yang. He spoke ferociously while massaging his cheek, “Lin Wanwan! You asked for it! Let’s see if this loser can protect you!”

It was Lu Zhanbei who answered him. He pointed his slender fingers at Chu Yang and said, “Come at me if you dare. If not, keep your mouth shut.”

His voice carried no emotions. It was like Chu Yang’s intimidation was nonexistent.

Watching the pair make their exit, Chu Yang tightened his fist in boiling anger!

“Chu Yang, did the plan work?”

At that moment, Hai Lan came over. Chu Yang’s face was ink dark. Hai Lan questioned, “What happened?”