Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Invite Him To Sleep Together

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“Nothing.” Chu Yang clenched his teeth, his voice was stinging. “I got the pictures ready, we’ll carry out our plan first thing tomorrow!”

Hai Lan’s face brightened, and she immediately started making arrangements. “No problem! I’ve gotten everything ready!”

Chu Yang’s smile was freezing.

Lin Wanwan, I might have gone easy on you if you were cooperative. But now

I’ll show you what the price of not knowing chalk from cheese is!

Lin Wanwan felt exhausted when she got into the car. Stretching her body, she naturally rested her head on Lu Zhanbei’s shoulder.

“Let me rest here for a while.”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the fluffy head on his shoulder. “Tired?”

Lin Wanwan was already half asleep. “A little. The school has probably closed, can I stay over at your place?”


“Why is Gu Mo not here with you?”

“He has something on.”

After a while, Lin Wanwan finally fell asleep.

Lu Zhanbei turned inadvertently and saw Lin Wanwan in her sleep. He carefully wrapped his arm around her shoulder so that she could sleep in comfort. He then told the chauffeur, “Keep it slow.”

It was a smooth ride.

At the Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei carried her in and put her down on the bed.

As he was about to leave, he felt a light pull on his wrist. Lin Wanwan dragged him back onto the bed and whispered into his ears.

“Si Dada[1: Dada is a common nickname for seniors with whom one has a close relationship.], I know you are tired. Don’t worry about anything on set, let’s take a nap together.”

Lu Zhanbei pondered, ‘She meant Si Han?

When did they become so close?

“Come and sleep with me.” Lin Wanwan spoke with her eyes closed. She patted him on his back and dragged him beside her. “Don’t worry, I have no interest in you, both emotionally and sexually.”

Lu Zhanbei grinned and lied next to her.

Lin Wanwan stroked his hair as if he were a puppy. She seemed to enjoy it as she ran her fingers through a few more times before she finally fell asleep.

Her tiny body nestled in the man’s arms, peaceful and calm. She looked different from an ordinary girl.

Lu Zhanbei’s enigmatic eyes gazed past her eyebrows. He raised his finger and ran it gently along the edge of her face.

It was like he was trying to feel something, or was he missing something?


In the dead of night, the atmosphere was somewhat amicable.

When the morning light fell through the half-opened windows, Lin Wanwan sat up with a yawn.

“Ah that was a good sleep!”

She searched for her phone habitually, but what she felt was smooth skin covered in some unknown liquid.

“” Lin Wanwan was wide awake!

She slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying on the man’s masculine chest, one of her hand was still clutching his waist.

After a while, she finally took her hand back and wiped her mouth subconsciously.

Did she drool?

Lin Wanwan swallowed her scream and stared at Lu Zhanbei’s face.

When he was asleep, he looked less distant than usual. His eyes were gentle, and his lips were slightly upturned. He looked so inviting.

After appreciating his beauty for a while, she started cleaning up the “crime scene” on his chest.

God, forgive me!

As she was mumbling to herself, she heard the man’s weary voice, “Is it clean yet? I need to get up soon.”