Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Revealing Relationship

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Lin Wanwan got the shock of her life. Looking at his still-sleepy eyes, she quickly took her hand back. She said, chuckling, "Youre awake?"

Lu Zhanbei smirked.

"Erm, why are you in my bed?" Lin Wanwan felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward.

"Why else?"

"Did I drag you here?"

Lin Wanwan knew about her habits. She felt embarrassed while Lu Zhanbei was merely smiling at her without a word.

Panicking, she poked his core muscles with her fingers. "Was I the one who took off your clothes too?"

Lu Zhanbeis gaze locked onto hers and his dark eyes stared right into her soul. Lin Wanwan felt her blood freeze.

All of a sudden, he turned over and pressed Lin Wanwan under his body. His hands grabbed onto her wrists like iron claws and held them above her head.

It was a flirtatious position. When Lu Zhanbeis lips came closer and closer, Lin Wanwans ears became blood-filled as she tried to get out of his grip.

"Lu Zhanbei! Let go of me! What are you doing right now?!"

Lu Zhanbeis lips trailed past the edge of hers and stopped beside her ear. His voice was magnetic and seductive as he said, "Something that you attempted last night, of course."

"What?" Lin Wanwan was shocked. "Did my animal instinct take over me again? Did I force you into doing unspeakable things? Impossible! Ive been hiding it really well!"


Lu Zhanbei couldnt hold it back any longer. He buried his head against her shoulder and chuckled.

His warm breath blew against her skin and gave her goosebumps all over her body.

Lin Wanwan blushed. She quickly pushed Lu Zhanbei away and hopped off the bed.

"Oh my god! I almost did it with Master Lu. That was scary!"

Lu Zhanbeis hand rested on his forehead as his laughter filled the room.

Lin Wanwan washed her face with cold water to calm herself down. When she came out of the washroom, Lu Zhanbei was no longer in the room.

In the dining hall, Lin Wanwan found the man having breakfast. She joined him as if nothing had happened.

"Good morning."


Lu Zhanbei was composed as usual. His behavior was nothing like when he was teasing her just minutes ago.

Lin Wanwan felt like something was off. After the meal, she got a ride from Lu Zhanbei back to school.

She heard animated chattering the moment she entered the classroom.

"Lin Wanwan is here. Lets ask her!"

Students swarmed around her.

"Wanwan, Chu Yang and Hai Lan revealed their relationship on Weibo just half an hour ago. Is it confirmed? Have they always been together? Or is it just a publicity stunt for the movie?"

"For the sake of our friendship, just tell us the truth!"

Lin Wanwan was confused for a second. If Chu Yang and Hai Lan revealed their relationship, does it mean they didnt break up?

If that were the case, why did Chu Yang confess to her the day before?

Years of experience in the entertainment industry made Lin Wanwan sense that something fishy was going on.

After replying to her classmates absent-mindedly, she went back to her seat and unlocked her phone.

At a quarter to eight in the morning, Hai Lan and Chu Yang posted on Weibo, revealing the news that they had been dating for a year.

The pair were famous and admired actors. Therefore, the news was pretty well received, and most of the fans were sending their blessings.

Lin Wanwan was still scrolling when a female student shrieked all of a sudden, "Ah?!"

"What happened?"

The student glanced at Lin Wanwan before answering, "Look at Star Exposures latest news!"