Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 12

Chapter 12 He Was Simply A Beast

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Lin Wanwan panicked and rushed forward, but she accidentally tripped on her right foot.

She subconsciously wanted to stabilize her body but changed her mind in the next second she flung herself towards Lu Zhanbei!

Lu Zhanbei was about to leave when he was caught by surprise. Both her hands grabbed hold of the fabric on his thigh, and because of the body’s inertia, she instinctively pulled it down.


Lu Zhanbei’s trousers were pulled down just like that.

Lin Wanwan could not control her strength and coincidentally knocked her head against the area in between his legs.

“” Gu Mo’s eyelids jumped twice uncontrollably.

Lu Zhanbei fell back to the sofa when she knocked against him. His trousers slipped to the ankle.

Lin Wanwan’s head was still buried in the area under his lower abdomen. No matter from which angle one looked, this situation was so hot that imaginative thoughts couldn’t but form

“Oh, it’s so painful!”

As Lin Wanwan mumbled, the hot stream of air from her nose traveled to Lu Zhanbei through the thin layer of fabric.

He felt the heat in his lower abdomen, and the nature of man was immediately awakened. His erect crotch lightly touched Lin Wanwan’s cheek.

What the hell!

One need not know how to eat pork to see a pig run. How would she not know what was going on at that moment!

No matter how good Lin Wanwan was an actress, her cheeks could not help but start radiating heat.

What to do, what to do?

If she ran away now, would Lu Zhanbei see through her that she was not a fool?

This is crazy!

Although there were a lot of scenarios running through her mind, she still looked as if nothing had happened.

It was a pity that her blushing face revealed too much information.

A hint of light flashed behind Lin Zhanbei’s eyes. His lips started to curve.

Heh, so she was really feigning ignorance.

Lin Wanwan’s eyes shifted back and forth, as if in torment. Lu Zhanbei was appreciating this with interest and did not say a word, letting her maintain the status quo.

He even pretended to move unintentionally. When he felt Lin Wanwan shiver, his lips curved up even more.

That smile hid a trace of evil.

He was not interested in children, but if the other party was a wild kitten who loved to feign ignorance, then there was no harm in teasing her.

Finally, Lin Wanwan showed her innocent face and pretended to take back her hand to tidy her hair. She asked, “Why do you place such a huge bunch of keys here?”

Oh She was on the verge of puking!

Such words were disgusting and filthy. They reeked of feigned innocence she had totally let down her sense of professionalism!

“Yes, I think those shouldn’t be placed here as well.”

Lu Zhanbei nodded. When he saw her heave a sigh of relief and made to stand up, he immediately switched the conversation. “So, please, help me to take them out.”


To hell with this! Take?

Inappropriate images formed in her mind. Lin Wanwan blushed a deep shade of red and stared at him in disbelief.

This man was actually playing an adult flirting game with a child who had a mental age of six?

He was simply a beast!

Seeing Lin Wanwan’s concealed accusatory looks, Lu Zhanbei acted as if he did not know he had uttered such despicable words and smiled as if nothing happened.

He raised an eyebrow in interesting when he saw her face was flushed red.

This was the first time he had carefully sized up Lin Wanwan and found this girl’s looks to be quite alright.

She had eye-catching and delicate facial features, which were both charming and feminine. However, her clear eyes displayed an extreme contrast.