Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 120

Chapter 120 The Despicable Pair

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The morning revision had not yet started, and most students decided to check out Star Exposure’s Weibo.

Lin Wanwan did the same. When she read the latest post, her face sank.

Star Exposure: ”I read about Chu Yang and Hai Lan’s relationship, I almost burst out laughing. I should have blessed them for their year-long relationship. However, I happened to have taken a set of photos last night. Not only will these photos tear Chu Yang’s cover, but they will also set a new image for an actress who’s new to the stage. Let the pictures do the talking!

Attached below were pictures that appeared to have been taken without consent.

Lin Wanwan immediately recognized herself. They were taken when she was talking to Chu Yang after exiting the washroom.

The pictures were taken at a tricky angle such that it seemed like she was trying to leap into Chu Yang’s arms.

Most pictures only had her face in it. She looked bashful under the dim light, sending the reader into a reverie about her beauty.

The pictures were released at the perfect time. Within an hour, they went viral on the internet.

Lin Wanwan finally understood what was going on. Chu Yang failed to seduce her, so he came up with such a plan to destroy her reputation.

This pair was truly despicable.

Lin Wanwan realized that most of her classmates were staring at her with hatred.

She quickly packed her books, wanting to lie low before the dust settled.

Liu Zilin stood in her way. She questioned while folding her arms, “Lin Wanwan, did you really barge into their relationship? I was wondering how you got such an important role in the movie. Could it be that you used an unspeakable method?”

Lin Wanwan beamed. “Liu Zilin, fans should believe in their idols, right?”

“I’m not your fan! No one knows the outcome of our bet yet!”

“I’m confident about becoming your idol.”


Liu Zilin realized that she had been brought off track. Snorting, she said, “I’ll never be the fan of a third party like you! Right now, you have more to worry about than the bet. Post an apology and get out of the entertainment scene!”

Lin Wanwan looked touched. “I can’t believe you care so much about me.”

Before Liu Zilin could argue, Lin Wanwan shook her hand. “Worry not! I will not disappoint my loyal fan!”

“” Liu Zilin stared at her disappearing figure and stomped her feet. “This fool!”

Although Lin Wanwan had left, the class did not stop discussing about the news.

In fact, the whole internet was talking about it. The netizens split into two groups. One of which was calling Lin Wanwan the third party.

The other argued that Chu Yang was the one who cheated on Hai Lan, and Lin Wanwan wouldn’t even understand such affairs.

Lin Wanwan logged into her personal Weibo, only to find her feed being flooded by criticism.

These accounts don’t even have their profile pictures set. How many paid posters did they get?‘ Lin Wanwan snorted.

She decided to visit the pair’s Weibo.

Hai Lan remained silent after the incident. Chu Yang, on the other hand, posted a message right away.

Chu Yang: ”I was shocked by the sudden exposure of the photos. However, I will never admit to something that I have never done. My heart only has my beloved girlfriend. To clear her name, I would like to hold a conference at three o’clock in the afternoon. Also, I wish that Ms. Lin Wanwan can be there at the conference, to clarify the truth about your reason for pestering me!