Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Exceeding The Boyfriend O Meter

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The student onlookers were shocked by this huge gesture and started their whisperings.

At this moment, Tang Qiang, who was in a suit and leather shoes, walked over. He respectfully said, “These are the flowers our Young Master has sent you. Hope you’ll like them.”

Before Lin Wanwan could make any sound, the crowd started to exclaim loudly again.

“Oh my god, is this Lin Wanwan’s pursuer? What a huge gesture!”

“He actually used so many luxurious cars for the flowers. What’s Lin Wanwan’s pursuer’s background?”

“So romantic! Why is it that even a foolish girl can have such a day?”

When Lin Wanwan saw Tang Qiang, she knew that the person behind all these was Tang Chen. She felt helpless, and before she could refuse, Tang Qiang took out a delicate gift box and quickly stuffed it in her hands.

“This is the present from Young Master. He also said” Tang Qiang deliberately tried to make things look mysterious and coughed. He said in a voice that could be heard by everyone, “Not to make a cuckold out of him. He also does not accept a loser like Chu Yang as a love rival.”


What he said was like a tossed stone raising a thousand ripples. Everyone was shocked and even had a little spasm.

Could it be that Lin Wanwan already had a boyfriend? Her boyfriend’s background seemed to be quite strong as he did not even look up to Chu Yang!

Lin Wanwan was going crazy. Was Tang Chen kidding her? Things were already in a mess. Could he not just stop all these!

After taking in a deep breath, she resisted the urge to hit someone, made a dash towards the blue Ferrari behind, and pulled open the door!

“Tang Chen, what are you doing?”

As if sensing her bad temper, the man resting his chin on one hand lazily opened both his eyes. He glanced at the box in her hands.

“If you don’t like the gift I’ve personally picked for you, I can change it again.”

Lin Wanwan forced out a smile. “I don’t need any gifts. Can you please just return to wherever you came from?”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows. “Get on, I’ll give you a lift.”

“” Did he not understand Mandarin Chinese?

Lin Wanwan knew that there was no reasoning with Tang Chen after he urged her to get on the car once again. As she sighed, she resigned herself to fate and got in the car, not forgetting to glare at him warningly.

“Although I’m very grateful to you for specially giving me a lift, I don’t need anyone’s help. You just have to watch quietly by the side.”

It was especially easy to talk to Tang Chen today. He nodded gently and said, “Yes yes yes, I’ll listen to you.”

Lin Wanwan looked at him suspiciously. There was some sort of unease in her heart.

As soon as the sports car started, the other sports car lined up in an orderly manner and sped off. The students had unwavering looks for a very long time as they watched in the direction of the car leaving.

“Will Lin Wanwan really let such a high-quality boyfriend go and be a third party?”

“I’m starting to have my doubts as well. Right, could it be that the man who sent flowers today is the same person who picked Lin Wanwan up before?”

“Could it be that the pursuer is doing all this just so that Lin Wanwan can clear her name? Wow, he has totally exceeded the boyfriend-o-meter! How come I never get the chance to meet a man of such high caliber?”

Chu Yang had booked the entire first floor lobby at Gurney Hotel as a temporary venue to clarify the scandal.

The reporters who had received the news had long arrived and were carrying their equipment and machines, waiting for the main characters to arrive.

Not far away from the hotel, a BMW was parked in a secluded corner.

In the car, a man with dyed golden hair was lecturing exasperatedly.

“Are the both of you brainless? Coming up with such a crafty plot just because of a little conflict. If this matter gets out, everything that you have gained in the entertainment circle all these years will be gone!”