Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 124

Chapter 124 The Two Acting Experts At Work

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Although Chu Yang and Hai Lan were artistes that he had personally groomed, ever since both of them became famous, they were never satisfied with his arrangements. As such, Wang Dong focused his attention on other newbies.

“Our dear manager always puts on such airs. Don’t worry, we don’t need you to be a busybody!”

After saying these words coldly, Hai Lan pushed the car door open. Once both of them stepped out of the car, their paths were blocked.

“Chu Yang, can you explain to us now the incident that happened yesterday? Was it really Lin Wanwan who seduced you first?”

“Ms. Hai Lan, from the start until now, you have not expressed your views. Can you share them with us?”

The questions were thrown out one after another. As Chu Yang hid left and right while protecting Hai Lan, he smiled. “Everyone, quiet down. Don’t be so noisy. I will take turns and answer them all.”

The reporters really did quieten down, but the lights were still shining brightly.

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, Chu Yang looked like he was in a difficult spot and said slowly, “The banquet to celebrate the end of filming was held yesterday night. The entire production team was there. I went to the washroom halfway, and when I came out, Lin Wanwan stopped me. She took the initiative and hugged me, and even said specious words to me. Perhaps she got confused momentarily and was instigated to do such a thing, thinking that this will benefit her as she progresses in the entertainment circle.”

Hai Lan sighed and continued, “A lot of newbies want to take the shortcut and attain the highest level in one step. Lin Wanwan is naive, so it’s justifiable that she made such a mistake. I’m willing to forgive her, and I hope everyone can forgive her this time too.”

The two of them summed up Lin Wanwan’s conviction in just a few words.

The reporters asked while recording, “Before this morning, Lin Wanwan should be like us, unaware of the relationship between you two. Could it be that Lin Wanwan admired Chu Yang, thus causing this misunderstanding to happen?”


Hai Lan blurted out her rebuttal and realized she had lost her cool. As she gracefully combed her hair with her fingers, she said hesitantly, “Although Brother Chu Yang and I have been secretly dating, I believe everyone in the production team could tell. However, Lin Wanwan still actually, I’ve already warned her before. It can’t be helped that she didn’t listen to me.”

After saying this, she cast a look at Chu Yang. “All in all, I can only blame Brother Chu Yang for being too charming.”

Chu Yang had an innocent look on his face. Looking at her eyes full of affection, he said, “Lan Er, you should understand. There’s only you in my heart. Regardless if it’s Lin Wanwan or Li Wanwan, I have never looked at them straight in the face before.”

Hai Lan’s cheeks were stained red. “You’re so not shy!”

“Haha.” Some people laughed. There was even a reporter who explicitly said that they were being lovey-dovey with each other in front of everyone.

After laughing, someone asked, “That is to say, Lin Wanwan knew that the both of you have been dating all along, but she still secretly flirted with Chu Yang?”

Hai Lan slowly changed her facial expression and looked a little sad. “I also don’t wish for her to be that kind of a person, but wrong means wrong. However, Wanwan is still young, and her road to stardom just started. I hope that everyone will give her a chance to turn over a new leaf. Be lenient towards her and let this matter go. Don’t pursue it anymore.”

After saying this, she curled inside Chu Yang’s arms, looking all frail.

Chu Yang heart-achingly grabbed her waist and looked towards the reporters. “Since Lin Wanwan did such a thing, I should have definitely pursued the matter. However, since Lan Er is willing to forgive me, I will go with what she says. I would also like to take the opportunity today to tell Lin Wanwan not to get entangled with me again!”

“Brother Chu Yang”

Hai Lan was touched and hugged him tightly. Chu Yang had a gentle look on his face too. The two acting experts supported each other with love, and the audience gave their blessings by applauding.