Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Look Quietly Training A Dog Is Something A Man Should Do

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Just as Hai Lan and Chu Yang were looking at each other affectionately, as if they will kiss passionately in the next second, a sudden sharp noise had sounded!

Everyone subconsciously turned their heads. A sports car was like a moving flame, approaching quickly under the sunlight. It headed straight towards Chu Yang and Hai Lan at a very high speed, without any intentions to brake.

Seeing that the two of them were about to be hit, the onlookers frantically avoided the car and started to scream.

Hai Lan wanted to run, but both her legs were as heavy as lead and she could not move them.

As for Chu Yang, he was so frightened that he flung her hand away. As he retreated too quickly, he tripped over both feet and fell to the ground.

Halt!The sports car stopped in a split second. The tires produced friction against the ground, and a loud screeching sound could be heard.

“Hah.” The crowd had not yet recovered from the shock when they heard a cold sneer, “There’s only that much to it.”

Everyone looked at Hai Lan, whose whole body was shivering, both her legs trembling. They then looked at Chu Yang, who was on the floor in a sorry state. Recalling how they had previously looked at each other with affections, they were disillusioned.

Chu Yang climbed up and felt Hai Lan’s frustrated and angry look. He did not care to arrange his dirty clothes. He rushed towards the Ferrari and shouted, “Which lunatic is this? Don’t you know how to drive?!”

A slender man pushed open the car door. The long, black trench coat was open, revealing a simple white shirt underneath.

His slender finger brushed open the messy strands of hair across his forehead. His seductive eyes squinted, and his gaze landed on Chu Yang.

“Young Tang?!” Chu Yang sucked in a breath of air, his expression shocked.

Some of the reporters looked at one another. Why was this big shot here today?

The reporters who knew that the two of them had previously checked in to a hotel to consummate their marriage had understanding looks on their faces. They sat down, waiting for the show to start.

Tang Chen went to the other side of the sports car. As he was pulling open the car door, he was also handing over his hand at the same time. “Dear, tell him. Who am I?”

Everyone immediately looked over.

After a long while, a fair-skinned hand was placed on Tang Chen’s palm. He lightly pulled it, and a slender girl got out of the car. Her looks were beautiful, and her eyes were clear.

“Lin Wanwan!” Hai Lan screamed. Looking at the two of them holding hands, an inevitable jealousy formed in her eyes. “You still dare to come here!”

Lin Wanwan shook her fists, looking angry and wronged. “Why would I not dare to come here? Sister Hai Lan, Brother Chu Yang, both of you maligned me this way. I I really can’t take it anymore! I never seduced Brother Chu Yang. Both of you have to return me my innocence. If not if not, I will not let this go!”

After saying this, she felt Tang Chen looking at her with a half smile, as if to say that her acting was not bad.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes in her heart.

Hai Lan laughed coldly. “What malign! Obviously you behaved in an indecent manner. There are photos as evidence. What kind of person is Brother Chu Yang? It’s not a glorious thing to be seduced by a fool like you. Did he have to malign you?”

“You” Lin Wanwan wanted to rebut, but she heard Tang Chen shushing her in a low voice. “Look quietly, training a dog is something a man should do.”

Lin Wanwan secretly glared at him and wanted to strangle him. The person who should be looking quietly should be him instead.

For Tang Chen, Chu Yang and Hai Lan were nothing. In his eyes, compared to them, he was the real acting expert!

In everyone’s eyes, the looks exchanged between the two were more like casting glances of love at each other.

The reporters unanimously raised their cameras and kept shooting.

Tang Chen looked at Hai Lan with raised eyebrows. He opened his thin lips and said, “Do you know what the consequences are for making rumors about me?”