Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Young Tang Knows How To Play

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Hai Lan was shocked. “I didn’t make rumors about young Tang”

“You said that Lin Wanwan seduced your boyfriend. Isn’t that saying she made a cuckold out of me? What is that, if not making a rumor?”

Once Tang Chen said this, a number of people changed their faces immediately.

A reporter who didn’t know the inside story asked cautiously, “Could it be that young Tang and Ms. Lin are a couple?”

“No!” Before Tang Chen could say any words of madness, Lin Wanwan hurriedly explained, “I don’t have any relationship with him!”

Everyone looked at one another. What kind of situation was this?

Tang Chen put his hands together. “Did you guys see this?”

Everyone was confused and shook their heads.

Tang Chen grabbed a reporter’s microphone without difficulty. With nimble movements, he pointed his slender finger at a group of people. “Let me interview you guys and ask a few questions.”

“” Everyone’s lips twitched. Young Tang knows how to play.

Tang Chen said leisurely, “What do you all think, between me and this Chu Yang, who is the better-looking one?”

Everyone answered directly, without even giving some thought to this question, “Of course it’s young Tang.”

Chu Yang’s face darkened.

Tang Chen nodded in satisfaction. “The second question. Me and Chu Yang, who has a stronger backing?”

This question was even less suspenseful. “It’s still young Tang.”

Chu Yang’s face was already as black as ink.

Although these were all facts, they were, after all, being pointed out in front of so many people, and he felt that he could not step down from the stage. If the person asking these questions hadn’t been Tang Chen, he would have exploded a long time ago.

“Very good. Now, the last question.” Tang Chen’s eyes beamed, spreading the evilness. “If you were Lin Wanwan, between me and him, who would you choose?”

“Young Tang!” This was also a deafening reply.

Lin Wanwan wanted to faint. Why were these reporters playing along with this frivolous man?

“End of interview.”

Tang Chen returned the microphone to that reporter and his beautiful thin lips sneered. “Lin Wanwan doesn’t even fancy me. Will she seduce this impressive-looking man who’s actually lacking real worth?”

The reporters understood this in a second, but they were unable to hide their looks of astonishment.

So this was a one-sided act from Tang Chen.

If it was true that Lin Wanwan could not even fancy the CEO of Sheng Rui Corporation, how would she self-degrade to seduce Chu Yang?

Lin Wanwan could not bear to look at them and lowered her head. Forget it, she would just quietly look at him act.

Chu Yang tolerated it until his veins were visible on his forehead. Then he could not tolerate it any longer and he asked, “Young Tang, why do you belittle me like that?”

Facing his angry stare, Tang Chen elegantly flicked his coat. His eyes swept across carelessly, which made Chu Yang break out in cold sweat, his anger reducing.

“I don’t mean anything, and I’m not out to target anyone. I’m just stating a fact that, compared to me, you’re not even close to a piece of rubbish. Understand?”

These words were arrogant, but nobody at the scene dared to refute the facts.

Chu Yang flushed red, and he clenched his fists tightly.

Ever since he shot to fame after filming his first television drama, the media had been supporting him and the fans had been liking him. He was already used to the life where he was sought-after. How could he bear with such belittlement!

Tang Chen stretched out his long arm and embraced Lin Wanwan in an intimate posture. “Please, before you malign my future girlfriend next time, take a good look at yourself first. What a low-level joke, it’s so meaningless. Dear, let’s go?”

Lin Wanwan slapped away his hand and moved to the side, using actions to show that she had no relationship with Tang Chen at all.

Seeing that she got on the car without looking back, Tang Chen gave atsk. “She’s so heartless, but what can I do when she’s my type of girl?”