Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Congratulations You're In Big Trouble Now

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After that, he followed over too.

Hai Lan felt like fire was burning in her heart. Her jealousy and unwillingness to take this lying down was going to explode soon!

She shouted loudly, “Young Tang, don’t be fooled by Lin Wanwan’s innocent appearance! She has a boyfriend and Brother Chu Yang saw him with his own eyes before. He’s a gigolo, and I heard that Lin Wanwan is supporting him for everything, even clothes, food, shelter, and transportation!”

The reporters were shocked again and hurriedly recorded this down.

“Don’t be too busy writing.” Tang Chen swept his eyes across and stopped the reporters in their tracks. Although everyone was in a hurry, they obediently stopped writing.


Tang Chen cast a meaningful glance at Lin Wanwan. Seeing her shrug her shoulders, he knew that there was hope.

“If the gigolo you are referring to is someone surnamed Lu, then I have to say Congratulations, you’re in big trouble now.”

Surnamed Lu?

The experienced reporters already gave a little spasm. Without needing Tang Chen to give them orders, they immediately deleted the news they had recorded. At the same time, they glared at Hai Lan.

If she’s seeking death, don’t drag them down as well, alright?! She even dared to say he was a gigolo. She must be tired of living!

Sensing those subtle glances, Hai Lan had an ominous feeling in her heart. She looked helplessly at Chu Yang. He also had an uneasy look on his face.

Tang Chen added another sentence, “Even if Lin Wanwan has a boyfriend, I’m willing to be her spare tire. After all, regardless of looks or inner beauty, she’s much more beautiful than you.”

She was served with multiple slaps!

Hai Lan stood still at the original spot, her lips about to bleed from her bites.

The flamboyant Ferrari was like an arrow released from a bow it left as arrogantly as it arrived.

“Damn!” Hai Lan cursed. It was difficult to determine her facial expression.

Although Lin Wanwan did not produce any concrete evidence to overthrow what she and Chu Yang had said, Tang Chen’s appearance was much more convincing than any evidence.

Once the public chose to believe Lin Wanwan, Chu Yang’s and her plan will be completely exposed!

She tried hard to calm herself down and looked towards the reporters, trying to explain, “My media friends, perhaps this is a misunderstanding”

Without waiting for her to get closer, the reporters acted like they’d seen fierce floods and savage beasts, immediately retreating.

Seeing them avoid her like the plague was like a slap to Hai Lan’s face. Her face immediately changed.

“We should leave too!”

“Yes, the truth’s already out. We have to be quick on our feet. If not, we won’t be able to get the hot spot!”

They got on their respective cars and never looked at Chu Yang and Hai Lan again.

In less than a minute, only the two of them were left in the once-crowded empty space.

A gust of cold wind blew. Hai Lan shivered and bit her lower lip tightly. Her eyes were filled with trepidation. “Brother Chu Yang, I have a bad feeling about this.”

Chu Yang felt the same too. He drew a long breath and tried to comfort her. “Don’t be too worried. At the very most we will just say that this is all a misunderstanding. Lin Wanwan doesn’t have any evidence anyway. After time has passed, this matter will be over too.”

Hai Lan thought what he said made sense but inevitably felt a little worried. “I didn’t expect that Lin Wanwan knew Tang Chen. Do you think that gigolo boyfriend of hers is not a simple character either?”

Thinking about An Qiao’s warning to him, Chu Yang didn’t say anything, but his heart was filled with regrets.

He really shouldn’t have been instigated by Hai Lan to deal with Lin Wanwan after being blinded by lust for a moment.

Hai Lan gave him a side glance and grumbled, “It’s all your fault. If you had checked the matter clearly beforehand, we won’t have landed in such a state now!”