Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Dog Eat Dog What A Feeling

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Recalling how the reporters had shunned her just now, Hai Lan could not help but panic.

“You’re blaming me?”

Hearing Hai Lan’s complaints, Chu Yang, who was already regretting this, immediately became angry. His face had darkened.

“Don’t forget, you were the one who wanted to give Lin Wanwan a lesson and I just helped out. Now that the plan has failed, I never even blamed you for pulling me down, but you’re saying I haven’t checked the matter clearly beforehand? How ridiculous!”

Hai Lan’s face hardened, and she said in a sharp tone, “Chu Yang, would I not know what you are thinking in your heart? If you didn’t have filthy thoughts about Lin Wanwan, you wouldn’t have agreed to help me in the first place! Now you’re flying into a rage out of humiliation for not getting a taste of her? I must have been blind then to fancy such a cheap man like you!”

“If I’m cheap, you’re no better! So you’re allowed to climb onto bed with investors to get resources, but I’m not allowed to look at beautiful women to wash my eyes?”

Slap!Hai Lan delivered a slap, her expression ferocious. “Shut up!”

Chu Yang returned her a slap.Slap!

“Don’t think that I dare not hit women!”

“Ah! Get out! From now on, we’ll break up and no longer have any relationship with each other!”

“So be it! Do you think I care about a loose woman like you?!”

Dog-eat-dog. What a joke.

Chu Yang marched off in anger. Hai Lan bit her tooth in hatred, and her eyes were filled with resentment.

“Lin Wanwan, I’m now in this state all because of you. Count yourself lucky this time. Next time, you won’t be so lucky!”

She flipped her hair and left quickly.

In a car not too far away, a man looked at this scene and his expression was as calm as water.

It was just that images of the two of them being intimate kept appearing in his mind uncontrollably, and he felt slightly depressed.



“Are you angry?” Gu Mo asked cautiously.

“Why would I be angry?”

Sensing the sudden drop in air pressure in the car, Gu Mo swallowed his saliva and continued to speak without fear of death, “Lin Wanwan rejected your help but appeared together with Tang Chen I guess she will be appearing in the headlines with Tang Chen tomorrow.”

Lu Zhanbei eyed him lightly. “You have a lot to say today.”

Gu Mo immediately shut up.

The car was silent again. After a while, Gu Mo, who was stupidly looking for trouble, broke the silence again.

“Sir, is this the end of the matter?”

Lu Zhanbei’s fair-skinned fingertips pressed on his forehead. “No.”

After saying this, he dug out his mobile and blindly dialed a string of numbers.

“Si Han, I’ll give you one night. I want that Hai Lan and Chu Yang to voluntarily exit the entertainment circle.”

Si Han, who had partied the night before, climbed up from the messy bed and pulled open the window curtains half-naked.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone until his eyes hurt, and his voice was very hoarse.

“Which clown actually provoked our Mr. Lu? It’s easy to force them away. As long as you say something, they won’t be able to gain a foothold in any circle.”

After saying this, he yawned. “That’s it. My kidneys are a little deficient recently. I’ll continue to sleep.”

Lu Zhanbei spoke in a cool tone, “Since they’re already deficient, why don’t I help you cut them off?”

“” Si Han compromised with a sigh. “Before I make my move, can I ask, exactly how have these two offended you?”

“They offended Lin Wanwan.”

“Oh, so you’re angry because of wait, Lin Wanwan?”

Si Han was jolted to his senses immediately. His fingers pinched his nose bridge. “Wait for me to analyze the situation first, then I’ll contact you again.”