Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Si Han Strikes I Own The World

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Gu Mo spoke as soon as Lu Zhanbei hung up the call. “Si Han’s not wrong too. There are a lot of ways to make them exit the entertainment circle. Why does it have to be so troublesome?”

Lu Zhanbei said plainly, “I’m not afraid of trouble. Lin Wanwan is.”

In order for Chu Yang and Hai Lan to pay the price but not affect the release of ‘The Palace,’ finding Si Han, who was a gold-medal manager, was the most convenient.

Gu Mo seemingly understood and nodded.

Five minutes later, Si Han called. “I understand what has happened. Mr. Lu has really given much thought to this. I’m personally grooming Lin Wanwan now, so I can’t just sit there and do nothing too. This is not a difficult matter. Wait and see the results at midnight.”

After hanging up the call, Si Han pulled out a dusty laptop from the closet. He casually wiped it with his hand and had a complicated look.

It had been over two years. He thought that he would never return to his old trade. Never did he expect that he would come back to where it began.

There was no turning back. Since he decided to continue, he would not allow himself to have any regrets.

Si Han placed the laptop on the study table, turned it on, and inserted something into the interface.

His slender fingers leaped fast on the keyboard. Si Han logged on to a famous hacking website, downloaded a series of complicated codes, and did the installation skillfully.

Finally, he hacked into Hai Lan’s home network using her IP address, browsed through the contents, and hit “enter”.


He tidied up his things and clicked “send”.

“One and a half hours. My speed has slowed down.”

He mumbled to himself as he lit up a cigarette. The lingering smoke blurred his handsome eyebrows, but it could not blur the confusion in his eyes.

On the highway, Lin Wanwan pushed away Tang Chen’s fascinatingly charming face. She helplessly took out a white card and wrote down “owe a favor”.

“For you.”

“This again?” Tang Chen raised his eyebrows playfully. “No need to be so troublesome. As long as you devote your life to me, all of these shall be invalid.”

Lin Wanwan snorted. “Forget it. It actually feels good to owe people.”

Tang Chen smiled. “I came all the way here for you. You’re just going to use this and brush me off?”

“What else do you want then?”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows. Before he even spoke, Lin Wanwan read out his thoughts at a glance.

“No kissing!”

“” This little girl still understood him quite well.

Tang Chen stretched a hand out. “Take out the present I’ve given you previously.”

Lin Wanwan rummaged in her pockets for a while and found the box. “I’ll return it to you.”

“Stretch out your hand.”

“What for?”

“Listen to me. If you don’t, I’ll kiss you.”

Lin Wanwan unwillingly stretched out her right hand. Tang Chen opened the box and took out a thin diamond bracelet from inside. A few blue star pendants hung on the bracelet, reflecting a lustrous sparkle.

Lin Wanwan did not have the chance to pull back her hand before her wrist was held tightly. “Don’t move.”

He quickly put on the bracelet for her and said in satisfaction, “This is our love token. Do not remove it.”

The sparkling bracelet complemented her jade-like skin, and it looked exceptionally pretty.

“I have done nothing to deserve this.” One look and it was clear that this was worth a lot of money. Lin Wanwan wanted to remove it but immediately stopped with one sentence of his.

“If you dare to remove it, I’ll propose to you in front of the whole nation tomorrow.”

Did he have to be that shameless!

Lin Wanwan stared at him fiercely. Just as she was about to scold him, the mobile rang.

“I didn’t expect that there’ll also be a day dear Manager Si will take the initiative to look for me. Did the sun rise from the west?”