Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Don't Take Things For Granted This Is Not Something You Should Ask

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“Are you not going to take it?”


Take it, your a*s!

Good for you! You have no moral integrity and I could not afford to offend you! So I would leave, would that work for you?

Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth. All her patience and control had disappeared. “Let’s not see each other again!”

After saying this, she stood up and prepared to scold him.

“Come back.”

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her wrist and pulled it gently. Losing control, Lin Wanwan fell onto his lap.

Coincidentally, she landed at his crotch area.

At that moment, her face flushed red and she instinctively struggled.

The man held onto her waist tightly and smiled lightly. “I’m only joking with you.”


Lin Wanwan saw his look of innocence and nearly bit off her tooth!

If she had not been sitting between his legs, she might have really believed it!


She wanted to scold him, but upon realizing that this move might let him see through her, she immediately shut up.

“What about me?”

“Are you sick?”

Lu Zhanbei squinted both eyes.

It was as if Lin Wanwan was not sensing danger and tried to ask in the tone of a six-year-old, “Do you have an illness where you’re usually a meek sheep, but sometimes may transform into a hot-headed bull?”


Lu Zhanbei’s lips twitched. It was easy to understand that she was trying to imply that he was bipolar.

It was rare to hear such a refined interpretation though.

“Sit properly.” He pointed to the seat next to him and did not plan to talk nonsense with her anymore.

“Ok!” Lin Wanwan comfortably shifted to the seat next to him.

Lu Zhanbei stood up to wear his trousers in style.

He sat down again and gave Lin Wanwan a glance. He seemed to instantly transform back to that cold and distant man again.

“What are you doing here all alone?”

Lin Wanwan fabricated a story. “After eating, I just casually walked around, then I got lost”

She quickly changed the topic. “Oh right, Uncle, I wanted to look for you for something!”

Lu Zhanbei lifted his jaw slightly, signaling her to continue.

Lin Wanwan remembered to put on an act and looked at him. “I want to study.”

Lu Zhanbei did not ask her the reason for wanting to study all of a sudden or despise her IQ. He simply acknowledged what she said.

“Where do you want to study?”

“Imperial Capital High School.”

“Ok, you can report punctually at 8 am tomorrow.”

That was it?Lin Wanwan found it unbelievable.

Imperial Capital High School was the best high school in Xia country, and the criteria for selecting students were very strict.

There was only a small number of students enrolled yearly, and each one of them was a top-notch leader.

Since she was an imbecile in the eyes of the public, she would not even be qualified to be considered for selection.

However, it seemed as if just one word from Lu Zhanbei could solve this difficult problem.

What was this man’s background?

“Thank you. It’s going to be the first time I attend such a school. It’s a little scary to me.” Lin Wanwan put on an act and blinked.

Lu Zhanbei did not expose her and just said, “There’s still two chances left.”

Oh, so calculative!

Lu Zhanbei pretended not to see her look of contempt and ordered Gu Mo to send her back.

Lin Wanwan walked a few steps and suddenly thought of something. She turned and asked in an innocent tone, “Uncle Lu, it’s already so late. What are you doing here in such a remote area?”

If her memory did not fail her, there was only one family staying nearby, and that was the house in her previous life.

A layer of frost instantly condensed on Lu Zhanbei’s eyebrows at an extremely slow speed. His look was extremely cold.

He never looked at Lin Wanwan again. When he was about to leave, he answered indifferently, “Don’t take things for granted, this is not something you should ask.”