Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 130

Chapter 130 If I Say I'm Willing To Like You

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She couldn’t be blamed for being surprised. Although Si Han was also her manager in this lifetime, she was pretty much left uncontrolled and he never once asked more about her. The relationship between the two was like that of strangers.

Si Han ignored her teasing. “Lin Wanwan, do you know how to act like a white lotus?”

Although Lin Wanwan was confused, she replied, “Yes.”

“Ok, then remember to play that well.” After saying this, Si Han hung up the call.

Lin Wanwan did not understand the meaning of his call and was perplexed.

Tang Chen squinted his eyes instead. “Si? Si Han is your manager?”

“Yes. You know him too?”

Tang Chen did not answer but gave a smile without any clear meaning. “Lu Zhanbei found him for you?”

“You know this too?”

Tang Chen looked at her so deeply that Lin Wanwan shuddered with fear.

He leaned over, supporting himself with one hand by her side. His whole body was almost pressed against hers. His cold fingertips lightly touched her delicate eyebrows, and he gave an ambiguous smile.

“Agreeing to you filming ‘Spring Breeze from Miles Away‘ and finding Si Han to be your manager. Lin Wanwan, do you know that you are in a dangerous position now?”

The distance between them was so close that if he lowered his head, he would be able to kiss her.

“How is that so?” Lin Wanwan asked casually as she retreated.

Tang Chen held up a finger and shook it, concealing the truth. “I’ll give you a piece of advice don’t ever fall in love with Lu Zhanbei. Don’t come crying to me when your heart is broken by him.”

Lin Wanwan pouted in disapproval. Of course she would not fall in love with Lu Zhanbei.

Although Lu Zhanbei was perfect in every way, and she would occasionally develop feelings for him because of his thoughtfulness, she cherished her life more and could not afford to love him.

“What about you? Can I like you?”

“You’re most welcome.”

Lin Wanwan stared at him fixedly. The smile on her face disappeared suddenly, and she looked extremely serious at that moment as she asked, “Tang Chen. If I say I’m willing to like you, can you assure me that you’ll always treat me well and not abandon me or break my heart in this lifetime?”

Tang Chen was stunned slightly, and the laziness on his face subconsciously disappeared.

The look on her eyes was so clear that it created an illusion that lying to her would be a sin deserving ten thousand deaths.

Both of them looked at each other. A strange sensation flashed past Tang Chen. “I”

“Hahaha!” Lin Wanwan burst out in laughter and disrupted the subtle atmosphere. “I was joking. You took it for real?”

She laughed on and on and didn’t notice the glimmer of light that flashed behind Tang Chen’s eyes.

The woman continued to laugh heartlessly. The man gritted his teeth and heavily flicked her forehead with his finger.

“Lin Wanwan, are you looking for trouble?”

“Heh heh.”

Amidst the banter, the car had almost reached the school.

“Stop here then.” Tang Chen knew that she did not want to be seen.

Lin Wanwan pushed open the car door and walked a few steps.

“Take this.”

Hearing Tang Chen’s voice, she turned her head and saw him throwing a stalk of red rose over. She subconsciously caught it.

“So many flowers, but you don’t want to bring them away. This is the most beautiful stalk out of them all. May you think of me when you see it.”

What a narcissist!

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him and strode away.

Watching her back view disappear at the corner, the smile in Tang Chen’s eyes disappeared.

Lin Wanwan walked along the path to the back gate of the school. From afar, she saw a car parked under a row of sycamore trees.

As she found it familiar, she looked at it a couple of times more. When she saw the license plate number, her eyes widened and she ran over like a thief.