Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Stealing Your Girl

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Before she could knock, the door sprang open. A handsome face appeared before her sight.

“Lu Zhanbei, why are you here?”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the rose in her hand.

For some reason, Lin Wanwan felt guilty and hid the rose behind her back.

“ Tang Chen forced me to take it.”

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes flickered. “You didn’t have to explain to me.”

“Oh.” Lin Wanwan felt a little awkward as she tried to think of conversation starters. “Why were you looking for me?”

“Get in.”

“Ah? OK.”

Lin Wanwan got into the car without asking about the destination. Lu Zhanbei spoke as Lin Wanwan was buckling her seatbelt. “Golden Sparrow launched a new series called Fairy Tail. Dessert is best when it’s fresh. I’ll buy you some.”

Lin Wanwan’s eyes shone. “You are the best!”

Her genuine smile was magically appealing. Just as Lu Zhanbei’s stiff brows were softening, he saw the bracelet on her wrist.

His grin disappeared instantly. After ordering the chauffeur to drive, he said inadvertently, “Congratulations on your victory.”

“Not that much of a win for me.” Lin Wanwan felt upset whenever she thought about the incident.

For the sake of the movie’s success, she had no choice but to keep revenge for later.

“Also, I didn’t feel any satisfaction from the victory today.”


Lin Wanwan said indignantly, “Tang Chen, who was such a drama queen, took all my glory. I had the evidence in hand, and I prepared a speech. All this while, I’ve been waiting for my showtime! However, this guy came out of nowhere and ruined my plan. It’s true that he proved my innocence, but who knows how much trouble this will bring!”

She pressed her fingers against her forehead.

Lu Zhanbei studied her expressions for a second and concluded that there was nothing there but worries.

“Tang Chen has been helping you in various occasions,” he said all of a sudden.


“Have you wondered why?”

Lin Wanwan looked at him. “Of course to grab your attention.”


Lin Wanwan smirked. “That guy thinks you like me. He wants to steal your girl.”

“What about you?” Lin Wanwan seemed confused by his question, so Lu Zhanbei added, “Do you think so too?”

Lin Wanwan flapped her hands in the air. “How can I? I’ve been saying this for the longest time. You have someone on your mind. Don’t worry! I’m not such a wishful thinker.”

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes darkened for a second as he stopped the conversation.

When they arrived at Golden Sparrow, Lu Zhanbei brought her to the private lounge through the VIP pathway.

A plethora of delicious desserts were already placed on the silky tablecloth.

The Fairy Tail series that Lu Zhanbei mentioned looked delicate and exotic. Taking a deep breath of the fragrance of heavy dairy, Lin Wanwan couldn’t stop her mouth from watering.

She grabbed the cutleries and served herself a large piece of cake. “Let’s enjoy the meal!”

Taking a big bite, she held her face in satisfaction as she spoke in a dreamy voice, “Yummy~”

Lu Zhanbei grinned. His eyes strayed across her bracelet subconsciously.

The bracelet was fitting for her skin tone.

But it’s disturbing.

“Lin Wanwan?”


Looking at her inhaling her food gracefully, Lu Zhanbei asked, “Do you like Tang Chen?”

“Pft!” Lin Wanwan spit out all the juice that she’d just gulped down. Lu Zhanbei was barely fast enough to dodge it.