Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 132

Chapter 132 I'm Serious About Lin Wanwan

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“Can you not make such jokes when I’m eating? I’m so going to get indigestion.”

Lu Zhanbei’s expression was a little unusual. “You haven’t answered.”

Lin Wanwan looked at him with doubtful eyes. “Something is wrong with you today. Did Gu Mo pass his virus of gossiping to you?”

Lu Zhanbei’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her teasing eyes.

He grabbed the cup of ice water and tried to cover up his awkwardness by drinking.

When he put his cup down, he was back to his composed self. He smirked and said, “Isn’t it normal for a sugar daddy to check on his lover’s personal life?”

That was when Lin Wanwan casually voiced out something that shocked Lu Zhanbei to his core.

“To be honest, there’s someone that I want to date.”

Lu Zhanbei tightened his grip on the cup. “Who is it?”

“I don’t think you know him. I’ll introduce him to you next time.”

“” Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes and held his emotions in.

From the moment he saw Lin Wanwan together with Tang Chen in the afternoon, he had been carrying a heavy heart.

Just when Tang Chen was out of the equation, another person popped up.

“I’m full!”

Lin Wanwan dropped the cutleries and wiped the edge of her lips with a napkin. She then took out her phone and checked Weibo.

“Yo, the latest news is out.”

Every media platform was exploding with shocking titles.

A Mogul’s romantic confession to a ‘third party’?

Sheng Rui’s CEO destroyed rumors about Lin Wanwan, declaring himself as a pursuer.

Chu Yang and Hai Lan’s self-directed show, revealing the truth behind the third party!

The media perfectly reenacted the scene with their reports, especially the interview with Tang Chen.

High-quality photos came one after another, attracting the attention of netizens. However, the focus of the discussion was a little off.

What the hell? This is the CEO of Sheng Rui? Super, super handsome! Screenshot and saved!

My mom asked me why my screen was so dirty. That’s because I’ve licked Tang Chen’s picture ten thousand times.

I fully believe that Lin Wanwan is innocent. Although Chu Yang is not bad-looking, he is nothing compared to Tang Chen’s stunning beauty!

Lin Wanwan was left speechless by the number of comments complimenting Tang Chen.

Everyone is missing the point here!

Not only did Tang Chen become a scene-stealer during the conference, but he’s also even stealing her fame!

All of a sudden, her finger froze. “Sh*t!”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. “What is it this time?”

“Look!” Lin Wanwan walked to him and put the phone right under his eyes.

The content made Lu Zhanbei raise his brows.

A certified Weibo page named “Tang Chen” reposted Lin Wanwan’s latest post and added a line.

Tang Chen:I would like to thank everyone for your praises and blessings. I’m just here to say that I am serious about Lin Wanwan. If you want us to be together, press 1, if not, keep your mouth shut.

The only comments he could see were millions of 1s.

The already-heated discussion was pushed to the climax once again by a simple post.

In less than five minutes, “I’m serious about Lin Wanwan” became one of the top searches on the internet.

Among the netizens, there were ones who sent their genuine blessings, ones who were just there to enjoy the show, and a majority who was spilling their jealousy towards Lin Wanwan.

“This crazy guy!” Lin Wanwan held onto her forehead. “He’s going to get me killed one day!”

Lu Zhanbei read through the comments quietly. When he saw someone saying that Lin Wanwan and Tang Chen looked great together, his eyes became sullen.

“Should I create a Weibo account?”