Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow

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She started typing a reply on Weibo.

"Wait a minute," Lu Zhanbei stopped her. Looking at his watch, he mumbled, "It should be about time."

Lin Wanwan was confused. "About time for what?"

Lu Zhanbei looked mysterious as he said, "You wont be the one taking the loss this time."

If Lu Zhanbei wanted to protect a girl, he wouldnt allow anyone to harm her!

Meanwhile, Hai Lan gave out a sigh of relief after seeing the supportive responses from her fans.

As long as the fans believed her, she would never lose.

Lin Wanwan had no proof, so all she could do was forgive their "unintentional" act under the pressure of the netizens.

"Haha!" Hai Lan laughed hysterically.

She poured herself a glass of fine wine to celebrate her victory.

Knock! Knock!

"Whos there?"

Hai Lan opened the door impatiently. It was her manager Wang Dong standing outside the door.

"Yo, what a rare guest! Are you here to laugh at me? Sorry, but I have settled the problem, and I dont think you are needed here," Hai Lan said mockingly.

Looking at the cocky woman, Wang Dong smirked. "Follow me. The CEO wants to see you."

Hai Lan froze for a second. Before she could ask about the situation, Wang Dong had stepped away.

Hai Lan followed him to the CEOs office.

In the luxurious office, she realized that Chu Yang was waiting on the sofa.

The pair exchanged a quick glance.

"Sir, whats the issue?"

Hu Rantian was sitting at the desk with a cigar between his fingers. His cold eyes brought shivers down the pairs spines.

"The two of you, prepare to announce your temporary resignation. The reason will be that Hai Lan is pregnant and will be resting overseas."

Chu Yang and Hai Lan couldnt react to his explosive words.


Chu Yangs face was pale as paper, and Hai Lan almost fell to the ground. She shrieked uncontrollably, "Why do I have to resign, I disagree!"

Chu Yang still had not lost his mind. "Sir, I need a reason!"


Hu Rantian stood up, grabbed a stack of paper on the table, and threw them in their faces.

"Take a look!"

The papers scattered across the room, together with some photos.

The pair quickly picked them up with trembling hands. The more they looked, the more their bodies shivered in fear

These were high-quality photos of Hai Lan sleeping with various sponsors. She took those herself and saved them in her computer for blackmailing purposes.

As for Chu Yang, there were photos of him sleeping with other movie stars.

"Ah!!!" Hai Lan tore everything up as she roared with crimson eyes, "Impossible! Im the only one who knows about these! Why? How is this possible!"

Chu Yang slumped against the sofa; he was green around the gills.

Hu Rantian stared at the duo. "Why not? Ive collected all kinds of evidence. Be it videos or audios, I have them all. You may think that you have them concealed, but to some people, you are nothing but a pair of clowns. Do you know whos the one that sent me these?"


"Si Han."

Si Han?

Hai Lan mumbled to herself, "Why does it sound so familiar"