Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Credit Taken..

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“He’s the manager of the legendary actress who passed away, the best manager in the country.”

Hai Lan looked startled. “Lin Xiao”

“Right!” Hu Rantian exhaled a thick cloud of smoke and continued, “Si Han announced his resignation on the day of Lin Xiao’s funeral. However, no one can ever forget his resolute means of protecting Lin Xiao from any form of scandal. Do you think your tricks mean anything to him?”

Hai Lan shook her head in disbelief. “Why why would he help Lin Wanwan?”

“No idea. Maybe they are friends.”

Hai Lan clenched her teeth. Regret and bitterness were written on her face. She had sacrificed so much to get to where she was; there was no way she would give it up that easily.

“Si Han is just a manager nonetheless, sir. Chu Yang and I are rising stars in the industry; we can make lots of money for the company! As long as you are willing to cover this up for us, I bet Si Han wouldn’t dare to release the evidence. I am willing to sign a twenty-year contract if you can help us now!”

Chu Yang’s eyes sparkled. “Me too!”

There was never such a thing as friendship in their eyes. There were only costs and benefits.

Looking at Hai Lan’s desperate eyes, Hu Rantian smirked. “If you think that we can handle Si Han, what about Mr. Lu?”

Hai Lan froze. “Mr. Lu? Who is that?”

Hu Rantian was half-smiling. “Didn’t Chu Yang see him? You are asking me who he is when you were the one calling him a loser again and again?”

His words struck them like lightning.

Did their premonition become true? Was that man a hidden mogul?

Hu Rantian walked to Hai Lan and stared at the girl sitting on the ground. He patted her on the cheek as mocking laughter escaped his lips.

“You guys asked for it. Mr. Lu is someone that I would never dare to offend. You, on the other hand, had the guts to frame him and his girl in front of millions of pairs of eyes. No matter how much money you can make for the company, there’s no way I’m going to save you. You should be glad that he wants to stay low, otherwise you would not be alive right now. Just behave yourselves, and don’t f*cking make me angry again!”


A tight slap landed on Hai Lan’s face, and she looked like she had lost everything in life.

“I have been trying so hard to befriend Mr. Lu, yet I can’t even get his contact. Thanks to you guys, my chance became even dimmer! Hurry up and get out of the acting scene! Otherwise, I will make sure you are dead even if Mr. Lu wants to forgive you! Who do you think you are, trying to make deals with me?”

Hu Rantian was boiling with anger. Hai Lan and Chu Yang trembled on the ground in defeat.

At that moment, they realized one thing.

It was all over.

On the way back to school, Lin Wanwan yelled at Lu Zhanbei in shock while scrolling through her phone. “Hai Lan and Chu Yang are resigning from the acting scene!”


Lu Zhanbei’s mild reaction did not calm Lin Wanwan down. “It says that Hai Lan is pregnant and Chu Yang is accompanying her to take a break overseas, and they might not be back in half a decade. This is obviously an excuse, how can this happen? Is it”

She suddenly turned to Lu Zhanbei.

Feeling the adoration in her eyes, Lu Zhanbei smirked.

“It must be Si Han!”

“” Lu Zhanbei’s smile froze.