Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 136

Chapter 136 The Kindest Soul

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Lin Wanwan looked like she’d just pushed past the clouds of doubts. She said while clapping her hands like a seal, “No wonder Si Han asked me to act innocent! He definitely deserves the title of the golden manager. He is still as sharp as before. How powerful!”

Lu Zhanbei kept quiet while listening to all kinds of praise for Si Han.

Lin Wanwan started typing on her phone. “It’s my time to shine!”

She tagged Hai Lan’s message of resigning and added a few lines.

Lin Wanwan:Congratulations to Chu Yang and Hai Lan! Hope to see you soon! Since the incident was a misunderstanding, let’s all forget about it.

After adding a smiley face at the end of her post, she was almost touched by herself.

“I am definitely the kindest soul in the world.”

Apparently, the netizens felt the same way.

Honestly, it would be acceptable if Lin Wanwan didn’t forgive them. I can’t believe she has such a forgiving heart after being framed for such a long time. Even if her manager sent the message for her, I would still support her!

Although this girl is a little foolish, she is cute in her own ways.

It’s finally time for the shameless keyboard warriors to shut their mouths.

No wonder Tang Chen likes her, I like her too.

Due to Lin Wanwan’s “forgiving” act, the netizens, including Hai Lan’s fans, had nothing to say.

After the post, Lin Wanwan gained almost a hundred thousand followers, and it felt marvelous.

Haha! Feels great to play the victim. Aside from getting my revenge, I’ve also gained so many new fans!

Hai Lan finally knew what it feels like to take a loss!

“I have to thank Si Han for this!” Lin Wanwan dialed Si Han’s number.

“” Lu Zhanbei glanced at her and snorted.

“Hi! Thanks for doing this. You are awesome as usual!”

“As usual?” Si Han caught the keyword.

She realized that she was being careless with her words and laughed awkwardly. “My mistake, don’t mind the details.”

Si Han sounded unbothered as he said, “Chu Yang has finished his scenes, and Hai Lan will finish up hers soon. I don’t think you will meet them again. Just asking, do you want to shoot movies or dramas after you are done with your current one? I would recommend filming a drama to gain popularity. I have decided on one, and I’ll tell you the date of the audition.”

“” If the arrangements were already made, why did he bother asking?

“Up to you. What genre is it?”

“Modern drama. The role is a supporting actress who turned into a villain.”

“Are the costumes nice?”

“ Is that important?”

“Of course! Viewers these days are just in for the looks, looks define character!” Lin Wanwan justified herself.

Si Han was speechless for a moment. He finally squeezed a word out, “Nice.”

“I’m in!”

Lin Wanwan accepted the request. Before she could hang up, she heard noises across the phone.

Si Han spoke again after taking a deep breath. “I can’t be with you all the time, so I found you an assistant.”



“Ok. When do I take her from you?”

“As soon as possible!”

Si Han sounded rushed. Lin Wanwan asked while blinking her eyes, “Why do I feel like you are handing over a troublemaker?”

Si Han paused for a second and hung up.

Lin Wanwan put her phone back into her pocket and stretched her exhausted body. She turned to Lu Zhanbei. “I have to thank you as well.”

Lu Zhanbei showed no emotion. “What for?”

“Thank you for introducing such a great manager to me. I thought I was doomed until Si Han decided to help!”