Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 137

Chapter 137 A Hundred Thousand On Lin Wanwan

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Lu Zhanbei stared intensely into her eyes. Lin Wanwan was confused by his response. Before she could ask him what’s wrong, Lu Zhanbei had closed his eyes. He looked like he didn’t want to continue the conversation.

However, his lips were pressed tightly together, and it felt like he was sulking.

That must have been an illusion!

Half an hour later, the car stopped before the school gate.

“Bye!” Lin Wanwan waved.

“Rest well.”

“You too.”

Lin Wanwan took a few steps before turning back. She searched the backseat of the car and asked, “Where is my rose?”

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes. “I threw it away. Why? Do you really want it?”

Her sixth sense made Lin Wanwan feel a sense of danger. She quickly shook her head.

“No, no. I just thought that it’s a waste to throw it away, but it’s fine. I shall go back to sleep~”

When she finally disappeared from his sight, Lu Zhanbei pulled out the rose from under his seat and tossed it out of the window.

He pressed his fingers between his brows, soothing the frustration in his mind. He had a smoke for a few seconds and threw it away out of habit.

“Let’s go.”

The second morning, Lin Wanwan became the center of attention the moment she entered the classroom.

“Wanwan, what is your relationship with Tang Chen? How did you get to know him?”

“He’s so handsome and wealthy, why didn’t you accept his confession?”

“Come on! Tell us something!”

The curious girls wouldn’t stop asking about Tang Chen. Lin Wanwan’s lips twitched as she brushed them off.

Pushing through the crowd, she stopped by Liu Zilin’s desk. With a hint of pride she said, “Liu Zilin, I told you that I wouldn’t let you down.”

Liu Zilin turned away and ignored her.

Lin Wanwan didn’t continue the argument and returned to her seat.

The incident ended with the resignation of Chu Yang and Hai Lan. As time passed, it received less attention.

The midterm exam was around the corner, and the school gave the students a study break of two days. Lin Wanwan took this time to finish her scenes.

After turning down An Qiao’s invitation to the wrap party, Lin Wanwan went back to school to revise for the coming exam.

Stepping into the classroom, the first thing that Lin Wanwan heard was someone yelling. “Are there any more bets? The odds are currently one to fifty. If you bet a hundred dollars on Lin Wanwan, you can get five thousand in return if she wins against Liu Zilin! This is the last call, place your bet now!”

“I’m betting on Liu Zilin!”

“Five hundred on Liu Zilin!”

“” Lin Wanwan almost burst out laughing out of anger.

Putting aside the fact that they were gambling openly in the classroom, why did no one bet on her?

“A hundred thousand on Lin Wanwan.”

The sudden voice not only shocked Lin Wanwan but everyone else in the class as well.

A youngster wearing a black casual outfit slammed his sling bag on the table. As he shook the bag, stacks of brand new cash fell out and built a pile on the desk.

Someone exclaimed, “Fu Zhinian!”

Amidst the confusion, the student who started the bet said softly, “Fu Zhinian I, I only accept bets below a thousand dollars.”

Fu Zhinian looked up, and his gorgeous eyes flashed with impatience. “How troublesome.”

He stuffed the stacks of cash under his desk after taking out ten of the hundred dollar notes. “Take it.”