Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Changed Man

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The student accepted the notes with trembling hands. He didn’t dare to make the slightest noise when he saw that Fu Zhinian had started taking a nap.

Everyone else kept their mouths shut and went back to their seats, and communication was limited to eye contact all of a sudden.

Standing at the front door, Lin Wanwan raised her brows. ‘Are high school students this rich these days?

A hundred thousand wasn’t a small sum of money. Fu Zhinian had the guts to take it out without fearing any consequences.

Most importantly, he bet on her.

Hmm Great taste!

The exam started at eight o’clock sharp in the morning.

The next two days were tough for Lin Wanwan. It wasn’t easy to get precisely sixty points for every subject.

After the exam, there were three days off for the students while the teachers were checking the papers.

Liu Zilin marched past Lin Wanwan while she was packing her books. She couldn’t help but start mocking Lin Wanwan out of habit.

“Quickly pack your things. Leave the school before you get shamed by your results!”

Lin Wanwan didn’t get mad and beamed at her. “As I said, I will never disappoint my fans.”

Liu Zilin glared at her and made her exit.

Lin Wanwan finally had some free time, so she decided to look for Si Han at the manor.

After knocking for a while, no one came to get the door. Lin Wanwan looked around and flipped the carpet to find the key underneath.

Click!The door was unlocked, and what greeted Lin Wanwan was Si Han in his white pajamas and a pair of sliders, strolling down to the main hall.

His hair was dark and messy, his new mustache gave his handsome face a hint of wildness, making him sexier than before.

He glanced at the key in Lin Wanwan’s hand and frowned. “How did you find it?”

Lin Wanwan replied while appreciating his defined eight pack, “I have the habit of keeping my key below my carpet too, so I managed to find it after searching around.”

Si Han walked to the fridge scratching his head. Taking out a can of chilled beer, he popped it open.

Lin Wanwan hurried over and snatched the can away. “Stop drinking early in the morning. What if you get gastric perforation?”

Si Han froze for a second as memories of the past came back to him.

“You drunkard! Stop drinking early in the morning. What if you get gastric perforation? I’m not going to take care of you!”

Sensing his confusion, Lin Wanwan tilted her head and stared at him. “Why are you looking at me like this?”

“” Si Han didn’t say a word. He grabbed the beer in her hands and walked up the stairs.

The golden liquid spilled from the edge of his lips and flowed across his neck to his well-built chest.

“Follow me,” his voice was husky with a hidden hint of dismay.

Walking along the corridor on the second story, she heard a shattering sound.


Lin Wanwan felt that it sounded familiar.

Si Han’s expression changed!

The next second, Lin Wanwan witnessed the depressed man changing into a furious destroyer. His long legs rose and burst the door open.

Looking at the mess in the room, Si Han couldn’t control his temper. “F*ck!”

Eh? How did he know how to swear?

Lin Wanwan was surprised. Be it the man who was humble and modest in her past life or the one who was mournful and anguished in her current life; she would have never expected him to swear.

What happened to him?

Lin Wanwan followed into the room. When she saw the dumpster-like scene, she couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Oh my god”

Bedsheets and pillows were scattered around the room. The once well-designed room looked like it just went through a fierce war.