Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Get Out Or I Will Kill You

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The floor was covered with debris of vases and potteries. There wasn’t a place left to step foot on.

Calling it a crime scene would be an understatement.

A girl with a bun looked frightened by Si Han as her hands shook in shock.


The vase in her hands broke into pieces.

“The porcelain vase I auctioned for!” Si Han’s furious roar could break the roof.

“” Eight million was gone just like that. Lin Wanwan, who knew the price, could feel Si Han’s pain.

The girl knew she’d committed a mistake. She nervously twisted her fingers as she looked down apologetically.

“ I didn’t mean to do it, but don’t worry! I’ll pay you back! Although I don’t have money, I can be your servant until I pay my debt. I I’ll start cleaning now!”

While speaking, she took a crystal swan decoration from the desk.

Si Han yelled, “Put that down right now!”

“Ah? Oh.” She let go obediently.


The swan that was worth three million broke into pieces.

“” Lin Wanwan couldn’t bear to look at Si Han’s expression.

The girl glanced at Si Han’s dark face and mumbled, “Sorry, I will go clean something else.”

Looking at her approach another vase, Si Han picked up a feather duster and charged at her murderously. His usual composure was nowhere to be seen!

“Get out now or I’ll kill you!”

In the end, the girl was chased out of the room.


Si Han slammed the door shut.

“Hahaha” It was the first time Lin Wanwan had seen Si Han being this impetuous, and she found it hilarious.

The girl looked at her in surprise. “Little blockhead, it’s you!”

Lin Wanwan froze for a second. After studying her for a while, she finally realized who she was.

She was the thief with huge chests!

The girl smiled at her, showing her canine teeth. ‘She is so adorable.’

The born socializer grabbed Lin Wanwan by her hand and said with a sweet voice, “I can’t believe we met again! We are quite fated, aren’t we? I’m Ruan Baoer; you can call me Baoer. What’s your name?”

“Lin Wanwan.”

“I’ll call you my little sister.”

Lin Wanwan had never seen anyone who’d take advantage of her like that. “I’m seventeen this year.”

“I’m already an adult; I’m older.”


While Lin Wanwan was chatting with Ruan Baoer, Si Han was cleaning up the room by himself.

He pulled the door open and glared at Ruan Baoer with murderous eyes. Seeing her hiding behind Lin Wanwan, Si Han spoke, “Lin Wanwan, this is the assistant that I was talking about. Take her away right now and do whatever you want!”

Lin Wanwan had seen this coming. “I refuse.”

She didn’t think that she could handle someone that Si Han couldn’t.

Si Han glanced at Ruan Baoer who was trying to say something. “As long as you take her away, I’ll pay her salary for you.”


“You don’t have to pay me for my work.”


“I’ll pay you five thousand a month and solve whatever problem you have!” Si Han brought out a considerable incentive.


How much power did this girl have to scare Si Han to this extent?

Fine, she’ll help him out this time.

“Deal!” Lin Wanwan, who was obviously the one benefitting from this, sighed. “Since you are my manager, I’ll do you a favor this time.”