Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Superb Acting Skills

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Was this man experiencing menopausal syndrome?

Lin Wanwan curled her lips, threw back her head, and descended from the helicopter.

As it was only a short distance to the Lin family’s place, Gu Mo stepped on the brakes.

Lin Wanwan pushed open the car door, said her thanks, and left.

It was already very late. She thought that she would have to continue playing a fool in front of Tao Xinyue.

Thankfully she was not at home today, so she did not have to put up a big fight.

After bathing, she had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan was awakened by a series of knocks on the door.

Because she was in a bad mood, having just woken up, she glared coldly at the servant after pulling open the door and said, “What?”

The servant was shocked by that cold stare and immediately bowed her head, “Second Miss, Master asked you to go down”

“Wait for five minutes!”

Lin Wanwan changed her clothes. When she came out, she had her ignorant look ready.

The servant secretly glanced at her, deciding that her eyes were playing tricks on her previously.

When Lin Wanwan saw Lin Qinghao reading the newspapers in the dining table, she revealed a well-behaved smile.

“Let’s eat.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Lin Wanwan sat down. Although she ate very slowly, her eyes were shining bright, as if she had not eaten such delicious food for a very long time.

Lin Qinghao’s heart softened a little, and his serious expression eased away.

“Wanwan, do you know the principal of Imperial Capital High School?”

“I don’t know” Lin Wanwan’s thoughts were running but she maintained a confused look. “Is that the school Sister is studying at?”

Lin Qinghao carefully observed her expression and found in there no traces of a lie.

“Yes, pack your stuff later. I’ll send you to Imperial Capital High School to study.”

“Really?! Thank you, Father. Father is the best to me. Wanwan can finally attend school!”

Lin Wanwan’s eyes shone. She was so agitated that she started rambling.

Lin Qinghao smiled and somewhat started to have the look of a kind father.

Actually, even if he had wanted to send Lin Wanwan to school, he had no way of sending her to such an elite school.

However, early this morning, Imperial Capital High School’s principal actually gave him a call personally, hoping that Lin Wanwan will enroll into the school. His tone was even a little pleading, as if she would have a lot of regrets if she did not do so.

After breakfast, Lin Wanwan took a ride on Lin Qinghao’s Maybach.

When she was about to reach the school gate, she suddenly said, “Father, it’s ok to drop me off here.”

After Lin Qinghao asked the driver to stop the car, he asked, “Why?”

Lin Wanwan knocked her head lightly. “Wanwan is not as good as Sister. If other people know that I’m Father’s daughter, they will mock Father”

This expression, this action. They were simply superb acting skills!

The obvious look of tolerance mixed with sadness made Lin Qinghao’s heart ache a little. He reached out and touched her hair.

“You will always be my daughter. Be obedient in school. As for results you don’t have to care much about them.”


Although Lin Qinghao’s expression remained serious, Lin Wanwan felt that he increasingly had a favorable opinion of her.

“I have been studying using Sister’s textbooks all these years. I won’t let Father down.”

She preempted him these words so that he would not grow suspicious in the future.

Lin Qinghao did not take her words to heart and coaxed her as if she was really a six-year-old, “Go in. Someone is already waiting for you in the discipline office.”

“Ok. Bye, Father!”

After getting off the car, Lin Wanwan waved to him and excitedly entered Imperial Capital High School.

At the school gate, students in uniforms entered and left. The sun shone golden rays on their tender faces, inciting exclamations about the wonders of youth.