Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Knocking Luo Han Off His Feet?

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Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei, who personally drove today, immediately slammed on the brakes!

The car produced a screeching sound. Due to inertia, Lin Wanwan’s body was flung forward, but fortunately, the seat belt pulled her back.

Lu Zhanbei asked quickly, “Are you ok?”

Lin Wanwan shook her head. “I’m fine. Next time, let Gu Mo do the driving.”

Lu Zhanbei realized he had lost his cool. “Sorry.”

Lin Wanwan gave him a funny look. “The person I would like to date is Luo Han. You’re very shocked by that?”

Lu Zhanbei started the car again and deliberately slowed down the speed. His eyes changed. “A little. I haven’t heard of you having any sort of friendly relations with him before.”

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows. “Have you forgotten? I previously rushed to the stage to hug Luo Han, and I even said that there was no one else but Luo Han I would marry. Now, I intend to fulfill my promise.”

Lu Zhanbei’s tone lowered. “Weren’t you pretending to be a fool then?”

“That’s not important. What’s important is Luo Han’s not bad.”

When she was the youngest best actress in her previous life, Luo Han was still a newbie who’d just entered the entertainment circle.

They had cooperated a few times before, and the number of rumors produced were enough to publish a book. Although sparks did not fly between them, she did not hate him.

Since the original Lin Wanwan liked him that much, and she wanted to have a taste of love in this lifetime, why not try and make things work so as to fulfill Lin Wanwan’s beautiful dream too?

Lu Zhanbei’s thin lips opened. It seemed that he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it.

Lu Zhanbei sent her to the audition site in silence.

Seeing her get off the car, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes turned cold and he shouted, “Lin Wanwan!”

As she looked in puzzlement, Lu Zhanbei forced out a sentence, “ All the best. May your audition be successful.”

Lin Wanwan thought that he was a little weird today but could not tell where the problem lies. She could only tease him as usual, “I will definitely get the role I want. You should wish that I’ll successfully knock Luo Han off his feet. This way, someone would want me and you don’t have to worry that I’ll fall in love with you one of these days.”

After saying this, she waved her hands and walked away briskly. She did not notice that Lu Zhanbei’s face sank in an instant.

Knocking Luo Han off his feet?

Looks like she is really determined to pursue Luo Han.

Lu Zhanbei did not realize that his expression was so dark that water could drip from it. Both hands that were holding the steering wheel tightened.

The audition was on the third floor of Xing Chen Entertainment Headquarters.

Lin Wanwan was now considered well known in Xia country. Once she appeared, she immediately attracted the attention of other auditionees.

She pretended not to see them sizing her up. She took a number plate from the front desk and sat in the corner for her turn.

“I didn’t expect Lin Wanwan to come and audition for this movie’s second female lead. Looks like our chances are not high”

“Who says so? Although she has been highly exposed recently, her acting skills are not necessarily good. Who knows what tricks she played to get the previous role?”

“Could we be worse than a fool?”

The discussion was full of maliciousness.

As‘The Palace‘ was not released yet, Lin Wanwan’s acting skills have not been recognized by the public yet.

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes to rest, turning a deaf ear to everyone else.

At that moment, she heard a clamor, faintly mixed with the sound of cool air blowing.

“Lin Wanwan?” The sound of footsteps stopped in front of her, accompanied by a familiar voice.

Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and met an alluring handsome face without any warning.

Tang Chen!

Damn! This man was so much more difficult to get rid of compared to ghosts!

He wore a light-colored checkered suit today. His coat was hung casually across his arm, and his white shirt matched his gray vest. He had a lazy temperament, and his peach-shaped eyes were seductive, resulting in a number of girls cheering for him.