Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Getting Into The Future Girlfriend's Good Books

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“Come over with me.”

A hint of a smile could be detected from the corner of his lips. Lin Wanwan was like a thorny hedgehog with her defense mechanism ready.

“What for?”

“You’ll find out after coming over.”

Tang Chen went to grab Lin Wanwan’s wrist, and she staggered along. As she struggled, she said helplessly, “Can’t you just talk nicely and not use your hands and legs?”

The onlookers looked at one another. Looks like young Tang was indeed interested in Lin Wanwan.

A couple of actresses’ eyes were red with jealousy as they watched Lin Wanwan being pulled to the front of the audition room.

Tang Chen used his legs to kick open the door. His eyes swept across the chief creators on the stage, and he interrupted the actress who was currently in the midst of a performance.

“I’m sorry. I’ve already found the second female lead that I want. The audition’s over.”


Not only were the auditionees shocked, the directors on stage changed their faces too.

Especially Lin Wanwan. She was in the mood to beat Tang Chen to death!

This man was going crazy again! Did he really want to get her into trouble!

Director Yu Xi awkwardly broke the silence, “This this doesn’t seem right?”

Tang Chen sneered and showed a matter-of-fact expression on his face. He said very directly, “I’m the second shareholder of Xing Chen, as well as the investor of this movie. What I say counts. Furthermore, you directors are allowed to flout the rules and provide resources for these actresses, but I, as an investor, am not allowed to get into my future girlfriend’s good books?”

Yu Xi looked extremely embarrassed but was speechless.

Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth and only wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“Didn’t expect Tang Chen to actually do this for Lin Wanwan. Is he not afraid of the discussions outside?”

“He has both power and authority. Who’d dare to discuss about this?”

“Forget it, forget it. Let’s go. It’s a wasted trip. Lin Wanwan has young Tang backing her up. Even if her acting skills are lousy, we can’t be compared to her. Hah!”

Everyone was disappointed. They stood up, planning to leave.

“Director Yu, I’ll make a move first.” At this moment, a young man sitting under the stage said this plainly.

He was slender and had a cold and tough-looking handsome face, which differed from the metrosexual style that was currently trending.

He had slender, knife-shaped eyebrows and a pair of black eyes. The flawless facial features exuded manliness.

Luo Han?

Lin Wanwan’s heart jumped. This was bad.

The two meetings had left him with such a bad impression. How could she knock him off his feet in the future?

“Wait, don’t go!” She shouted in a moment of anxiousness.

Luo Han gave her a side glance. He almost immediately recognized who she was, and his expression turned cold.

Lin Wanwan was about to speak when Tang Chen unexpectedly held her waist and smiled evilly. “Dear Wanwan, I think that the second female lead is not worthy of you. Why don’t we try the female lead role?”

“”Dear lord, I beg you. Can’t you just shut up!

Lin Wanwan was already stabbing Tang Chen in her heart. As she pushed him away, a clear voice radiated to every corner of the room.

“Mr. Tang, what you’ve done is not right. I don’t have any relationship with you, so how can I accept your kindness? Please don’t be so stubborn anymore in the future!”

She faced the stage and said in a softer tone, “Director, I want to compete with everyone else. May I audition normally please?”

Yu Xi was afraid that Tang Chen would say horrible things again and nodded in a hurry. “You don’t have to queue up. Just start directly!”

Tang Chen squinted both eyes and smiled playfully. “That works too. It’s just a formality.”

Lin Wanwan ignored him and gave a bow to Yu Xi.

“Thank you.”