Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 143

Chapter 143 A Public Audition

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This time, everyone else was not in a hurry to leave and instead gathered at the door.

When the assistant was explaining the script to Lin Wanwan, people started to gossip by the side.

"Young Tang seems to be very confident of Lin Wanwan. Could it be that her acting skills are really that good?"

"I dont believe that a foolish girl can understand what is called acting!"

"Based on what I see, this is just a formality. As long as she doesnt perform exceptionally bad, Director will give the role to her on account of Tang Chen!"


After familiarizing herself with the script, Lin Wanwan stood on stage.

Tang Chen leaned over and asked, "Do you need me to coordinate with you?"

"No need."

Lin Wanwan secretly glared at him and lifted her chin slightly. In a tone that bore non-offensive arrogance, she spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear, "You really only need to watch quietly. I can get the role I want with my real ability!"

Her look of arrogance made Tang Chens heart beat faster. The more he looked, the more pleasing he found it to be.

"Ok, lets wait and see."

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and her expression gradually changed.

The scene she was acting was when the second female lead, Ming Mei, started to turn evil.

Ming Mei had just finished attending a commercial cocktail party. She returned home tiredly and removed the heels from her feet. She walked barefooted to the window step by step and stared blankly at a pot of Chlorophytum.

Images of her fianc flirting with other women formed in her mind.

The more she thought about it, the more pained her look was.

Her hand shook, and she pulled off the Chlorophytum petals one petal at a time.

"He Bai, youve let me down!"

She closed her palm, and the flower petals were crushed. The viciousness in her eyes was chilling to the bones

The entire scene was silent.

Looking at the expressionless Lin Wanwan, everyone could not hide their shocked looks.

There was no hysteria or any crazy movements. Regardless of the lines from the script or the accompanying actions, the ups and downs were not obvious.

However, her ruthlessness and vulnerability were so deeply rooted that people could not help but worry and feel the heartache.

"Good!" Yu Xi could not help but speak up first.

Soon after, everyone else subconsciously followed suit too.

Lin Wanwan recovered herself, and the emotions in her eyes disappeared. She returned to being the somewhat shy young girl.

Yu Xi smiled and nodded. He looked at Luo Han beside him. "What do you think?"

Luo Han gave a side glance to the girl who was currently looking at him with a pair of crystal clear eyes. His cold eyes fluctuated for a moment. "Not bad."

It was just that, was this girl really the fool who embarrassed him and caused him to be occasionally ridiculed even now?

Her current state was the total opposite of her madness then.

What happened in between?

Lin Wanwan noticed the change in Luo Hans eyes and guessed what he was thinking. She said with a smile, "Thanks for the compliment."

What she could do now was to pull back some impression points in his heart.

Yu Xis eyes swept across the crowd at the door. His mood was considerably not bad.

"There shouldnt be any controversy regarding this role. Miss Lin, you will play Ming Mei. Find a time to sign the contract and wait for the notice to join the team. As for the rest of you, Im sorry to let everyone make a wasted trip. Please return."

Although the auditionees were reluctant do so, they did not say much. They were not confident that their acting would be better than Lin Wanwans.

"Didnt expect that this girls acting is still alright"

"Its not bad. I heard that people who are lacking in one aspect may have extraordinary talents in other fields. God closes a door but opens another window for you. I guess that was referring to such a person."

"To be honest, from the way Lin Wanwan speaks, why do I not feel that shes a fool?"