Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Can't Survive Not Teasing Her For A Day

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Lin Wanwan heard the whisperings before the crowd left.

She couldn’t pretend to be a fool her whole life. Neither could she guarantee that the loopholes wouldn’t be exposed. Thus, she needed to start “recovering.”

After the audition, Luo Han immediately left.

Lin Wanwan had an unwavering look as she watched his back view disappear. Her eyeballs turned in her eyes, and she planned to chase after him.

“Where are you going?”

Tang Chen blocked her way. Seeing that Lin Wanwan was still looking in the direction Luo Han had headed off to, he was furious. He stretched out his hand and pinched her nose heavily!

“You’re capable now eh? Casting glances of love on other men in front of your future boyfriend. Are you looking for a beating?”

“Let go!” Lin Wanwan slapped away his hand and rubbed her nose that was turning red. She left after flicking her hair.

“Oh, she’s quite bad tempered” Tang Chen mumbled and followed her.

As Tang Chen insisted on sending her, Lin Wanwan had no choice but to agree.

On the road, Tang Chen looked at her. “You fancy Luo Han? That gigolo?”

“I think you look more like a gigolo than he does.”

“Is that so?” Tang Chen sized himself up through the rear view mirror as he drove. “When are you going to support me then? I’ll be free for you.”

Will he die from not teasing her for a day?

“If I want to support anyone, I’ll support Luo Han.”

“Oh, so you really fancy him!”

“So what if I do?”

“Then, what about Lu Zhanbei?”

Seeing Lin Wanwan look over, Tang Chen gave her a mocking look from the corner of his eye. “You don’t fancy me. You don’t fancy Lu Zhanbei too. Yet you’re charmed by a gigolo. Lin Wanwan, are you really a fool?”

Lin Wanwan did not want to care about him. He knew nothing.

When they arrived at the school’s back gate, Lin Wanwan pushed open the car door. “Tang Chen, please don’t do such senseless stuff anymore in the future. If not, don’t blame me for being nasty!”

Looking at her back view, Tang Chen lit a cigarette and held it in his mouth. “Senseless?”

He took out his mobile and logged in to Weibo.

Tang Chen: A daily confession to my lover (inserts picture).’

He sent out a photo that he had secretly taken during Lin Wanwan’s audition.

Ever since Tang Chen opened a Weibo account, the number of followers had been steadily increasing. He had a few million more fans than Lin Wanwan, 90 percent of which were girls.

Once he sent out a Weibo message, a group of girls immediately started to comment excitedly.

Apart from the usual fangirl comments, most people were ridiculing him.

Big boss is so active like a high-imitation good. Hahaha. Has the temperament of an overbearing president been fed to the dogs?

Due to Tang Chen’s Weibo message, Lin Wanwan was once again one of the hot searches. Thankfully, the ranking was not too high this time.

She regretted regretted not stabbing Tang Chen to death just now!

As she was bored, Lin Wanwan started to interact with her followers.

She no longer deliberately pretended to be a fool. This indeed caught the attention of some people.

Someone commented that the way she spoke was no different from any other normal human being.

She deliberately singled out this comment and added a sentence.

Lin Wanwan:I’m thankful for everyone’s concern. My friend brought me to consult a doctor previously, and he said that there’s a chance of recovery for my condition. I have started treatment half a month ago and am now in the midst of recovery. Perhaps not too long later, everyone will see a brand new Lin Wanwan~

A new wave of comments was published very quickly.

Although I don’t think the chances of success are high, I still wish you all the best. May you recover soon! /pray

Ball, actually you’re quite cute when you’re a fool. I like it. Even if you don’t recover, I’ll still love you. Pencil lead.

Go for it. Everything will be better soon.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the comments and could neither laugh nor cry.

Obviously, they didn’t think that she would recover.

However, this was enough too.