Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 145

Chapter 145 60 60 Its All 60

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At this time in Yun Mansion, the man in a bathrobe was sitting languidly on the sofa, casually playing with his mobile.

He subconsciously looked at his call records, and his fair-skinned fingertip landed on a particular phone number.

He lifted his fingertip and was about to click on the number when Gu Mo excitedly barged in.

"Sir, your Lin Wanwan is up on one of the hot searches again. This time, shes together with Tang Chen!"

Lu Zhanbei retracted his finger. He swept his eyes over and looked at him coldly. "You want to change your job to a tabloid reporter?"

Sensing that he was gloomy, Gu Mo said cautiously, "Ah, Sir. Im just a little curious. Tang Chen is not such a senseless person. Even if its to snatch someone away from you, he need not go to such an extent. Could it be that he really likes her?"

Lu Zhanbeis irritability index rose. He took a deep breath and said coldly, "You seem to have a lot to say. Get out."

"Oh" Gu Mo left with a wronged look on his face.

Lu Zhanbei logged in to Weibo and saw a trending topic.

#bosss daily confession to Lin Wanwan#

"Tang Chen, Luo Han"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed a hint of coldness. He closed his hand and a loud cracking sound could be heard.

He did not know when, but he had started to be inexplicably concerned about matters pertaining to Lin Wanwan.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan went to the classroom and saw that the students who opened a gambling den previously were currently counting banknotes.

"The results will be announced soon. Everyone, please look forward to it!"

"Lin Wanwan will lose for sure."

"Ah, its quite a pity. Wanwan is quite a nice person. Shes also a celebrity. I actually feel quite honored to be able to study together with her!"

Amidst the chatter, Liu Zilin saw Lin Wanwan standing by the door and she deliberately raised her voice, "Teachers coming in half an hour. Someone wont shed tears until shes seen the coffin, and shes so thick-skinned that she refuses to leave early. Could she actually think that a miracle will happen? Haha, what a joke!"

Lin Wanwan walked in silently.

Everyone immediately shut up and looked at her with sympathetic eyes.

The bell rang. Teacher went up to the podium and immediately delved into the main topic.

"Ill start to announce the results."

"Wang Yun. First in class, third in grade. Language, 100. Mathematics, 98"

"Liu Zilin"

Liu Zilin was second in class and fifth in the grade. She received the examination paper and, when walking past Lin Wanwan, gave her a deliberate look of contempt.

Lin Wanwan smiled and listened leisurely to the teacher who continued to announce the results.

Finally, only Lin Wanwan and Fu Zhinian, the person sitting at the table next to her, were left.

"The last two students are tied for first place in class."

Obviously, the two students who were tied for first place from the bottom were Lin Wanwan and Fu Zhinian.


Liu Zilin could not help but laugh. She looked at Lin Wanwan smugly, as if to say "I have won and you should get lost."

The other students looked at one another and shook their heads.

Lin Wanwan had a calm expression, and nothing strange could be detected from her look. Fu Zhinian was just lying on the table like a boss and sleeping soundly.

The teacher continued to announce the results.

"Lin Wanwan. English, 60. Mathematics, 60. Geography 60."

As she announced the results for the rest of the subjects, her expression slowly became strange. She quickly turned over the remaining examination papers.

"The other subjects are also all 60!"


The teachers words were like a stone thrown into the lake waves were created in an instant.

Not only did Liu Zilins expression change, the other students had shocked looks too!

Every subject was 60? How could there be such a coincidental thing in this world?