Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Fu Zhinian This Boy Was Quite Smart

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The bet was for Lin Wanwan to pass every subject. Lin Wanwan’s results were all borderline passes, not a mark more or less. It was as if they were calculated, and all the calculations were correct!

But how was this possible?!

For a subject like language, which warranted diversified answers, the scores could not have been accurately calculated.

Could it be a coincidence? This was too coincidental then!

Lin Wanwan walked up to the podium and received the examination paper from the teacher.

“You have done very well, much better than I thought. This proves that your efforts were not in vain.”

This was the first time the teacher complimented from the bottom of her heart a student who had scored first place from the bottom.

“Thank you, Teacher.” Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips and smiled. She returned to her seat with the examination paper.

As she sat down, her eyes met Liu Zilin’s horrified look.

They looked at each other, and Lin Wanwan’s lips curved.

This smile was without arrogance or ridicule. It was just a slight smile.

It was best said when nothing was said at all.

Liu Zilin’s cheeks were hot to the touch, especially when strange gazes were cast from all sides. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“Fu Zhinian.”

Teacher started to announce Fu Zhinian’s results.

“Language, 60. Mathematics, 60. The rest of the subjects are all 60.”


Everyone was shocked by this again. Another all-pass?

Could it be that this was a coincidence again?!

They did not have the energy to even complain and instead looked towards the youth who was still sleeping.

Lin Wanwan was a little shocked too. Could it be that this b*stard had calculated the results in advance like her?

That was something.

After all, in her previous and current life as a human being, she had put in a lot of effort in order to pass all the subjects.

“Ok, let’s start lessons!” The teacher clapped her hands, took out her teaching materials, and started to teach.

Once one period of lessons had ended and the teacher stepped away, the students immediately swarmed towards Lin Wanwan and surrounded her.

“Wanwan, how did you do it? Was it a coincidence or was it deliberate? Also, why did Fu Zhinian score exactly the same as you for all subjects?”

Lin Wanwan was starting to get a headache from all the questions and was about to speak.

“Make way!”

Suddenly, Liu Zilin’s voice sounded. She made her way through the crowd and squeezed to the front of Lin Wanwan. With her face flushed red, she held it in for a long time before saying.

“Lin Wanwan, I’m willing to admit defeat. From today onwards, I, Liu Zilin, am your fan! Don’t be too smug though, I will definitely win next time!”

After saying this, she fled.

Looking at her back view, Lin Wanwan’s lips curved.

It looked like this girl still had some cuteness in her.

After making a din, everyone started to calculate the money from the bet.

Besides Fu Zhinian, no one else had bet on Lin Wanwan to win. This meant that the banker won a lot.

The boy who opened the gambling den was gleefully counting his money when a slender hand suddenly reached over and snatched away the pile of properly arranged banknotes.

“My money!”

The boy started to feel anxious. However, upon seeing Fu Zhinian’s handsome face, his anger dissipated by more than half.

“It’s all mine now.”

Fu Zhinian did not look at how much this pile of banknotes was worth and casually stuffed it in his bag. He took one glance at the boy.

“The rest, forget it.”

He had bet a thousand yuan. According to the odds of 1:50, he should get 50 thousand yuan in return. This pile did not amount to 50 thousand yuan.

After saying this, Fu Zhinian left quickly.

Lin Wanwan saw him leave and touched her chin, as if in deep thoughts.

Whether it was the person who opened the gambling den or the people who participated in the gamble, no one benefited, including her.

However, Fu Zhinian quietly won all the money. How he had concealed his talent well!

This boy was quite smart.