Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 147

Chapter 147 A Female Picking Someone Up From The Airport In A Males Outfit

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On Friday, Lin Wanwan signed the contract for the television drama and chatted with the director about work.

After she had finished busying, she suddenly remembered about Ruan Baoer, who had been forgotten by her for a few days. Thus, she bought a bag of snacks and went to the condominium to find her.

She opened the door, saw the messy living room, and went silent.

A girl wearing a pink-colored maid outfit did a 90-degree bow. "Master, welcome home. Do you want to have your meal first, or me?"

"" Lin Wanwan looked at her silently.

Ruan Baoer glared in dissatisfaction. "Why did you not cooperate with me?"

Lin Wanwan looked at her for a while and suddenly stretched out her hand and rubbed her chest.

Ruan Baoer bit her lips shyly. "You do want to have me first."

Lin Wanwan was a little mentally tired. She placed the snacks on the table, resigned herself to fate, and started to pack up.

In the process, Ruan Baoer harassed her in different ways. First, she hated on the snacks she bought. Then, she asked her if her cosplay costume was nice.

She was silent throughout and pretended not to have heard her.

Ruan Baoer could tell that she despised her and said unhappily, "Dont underestimate me. Im very capable!"

"Oh are you?"

Ruan Baoer felt anxious when she saw her obvious look of disbelief. She snatched away the broom from her hands and stood on the sofa.

"Dont move. Ill let you experience what I"m capable of!"

Lin Wanwan sighed as she compromised.

Ruan Baoer took out a set of makeup tools and started to do her makeup.

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes and let her be.


When Lin Wanwan opened her eyes and saw herself in the mirror, she was completely stunned.

Her willow leaf eyebrows had been trimmed to thick knife-shaped eyebrows like those of a man. Her delicate facial features had been covered with dark foundations and became more three-dimensional and distinguished.

Eye lines were drawn at the corner of her eyes. There was an androgynous charm to it.

"Wow!" She admitted she was shocked.

"Put this on too."

Ruan Baoer pulled out a fashionable male beret and tucked her long hair under it. She then clapped her hands in satisfaction. "Perfect!"

Lin Wanwan curved her lips and gave an evil, charming smile.

What does she do? She now had the urge to fall in love with herself.

She didnt think that she was not only pretty but also handsome!

"Hey, Baoer, I didnt expect you to be a genius in the makeup world. Sorry, I have indeed underestimated you."

After saying this, she even threw Ruan Baoer a wink.

Looking into her affectionate eyes, Ruan Baoer blushed. "I havent kissed a man before. Youre now considered a handsome man too. Why not kiss me as a way of saying thanks?"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow, stepped forward, and backed her against the wall.

This was a standard kabedon posture.

She lowered her head and lightly kissed Ruan Baoers forehead.

"Hey~ are you satisfied now?"

"Yes, yes!" Ruan Baoer turned shy.

"Ill take my leave first then. Ill find you again tomorrow."

Seeing Lin Wanwan heading out, Ruan Baoer asked, "Where are you going?"

"To meet a man."


She had just kissed her and now shes going to meet a man? Thats equivalent to not paying after having fun! She should also take note of who was behind the successful transformation!

Lin Wanwan had indeed gone to meet a man. She was initially worried that she would be recognized. Now, she did not have such a concern.

She changed into the male outfit she bought, wore sunglasses, and looked handsome.

After boarding a taxi and telling the driver that she wanted to go to Chengdong Airport, the mobile in her pocket rang.


"Where are you?" Lu Zhanbeis voice was low.

"On the way to the airport. Im going to pick up Luo Han."