Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Two Men Hugging

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Lin Wanwan heard that Luo Han’s plane would be landing in Chengdong Airport in an hour. Thus, she decided to act as a fan and get his autograph, and then slowly integrate herself into his life.

She planned to use actions to influence Luo Han, make a confession of the century, and then, following the logical train of thought, be together with him.

It was good now that Ruan Baoer had done her makeup. She did not have to waste time to put on a disguise.

“That’s it. Not going to chat with you anymore, I’ll hang up first!”

Listening to the static noise from the receiver, Lu Zhanbei’s face was as black as ink.

Very good. She actually hung up his call for another man.

This girl’s wings had hardened!

Lin Wanwan did not know she had angered Lu Zhanbei. When she rushed to the airport lobby excitedly, the exit was already completely blocked by Luo Han’s fans.

The girls held placards with Luo Han’s name up high. There were even people carrying a few big red banners.

Lin Wanwan could only squeeze to the front with difficulty

“Ah! Look, Hanhan’s out!”

Someone shouted loudly, which started a commotion.

Not too far away, Luo Han emerged from the passageway with the accompaniment of his manager and assistants.

He was dressed casually, with a pair of black slim trousers matching a long, light-colored wool coat. He looked slender, and his every move displayed a European-style aristocratic elegance.

“Luo Han, Luo Han!” The fans were as excited as uncontrollable wild horses, and they rushed towards Luo Han crazily.

Lin Wanwan, who was in the middle of the crowd, was forced to move forward. She felt that her body was about to come apart.

It was not easy being a fan in this age and time.

Lin Wanwan carried a bouquet of fresh flowers in her hand, and she inched forward step by step. In the chaos, she finally managed to squeeze her way to the very front and was about to hand him the flowers.

Just then, the security guards surrounding Luo Han gave her a strong push.


Lin Wanwan staggered after being pushed. Before she could stabilize herself, someone behind her gave her another push and she was in danger of falling head-first.

An arm reached out horizontally out of nowhere and grabbed her slender waist.

Lin Wanwan fell into a warm embrace, and she looked up in a flurry, coming into contact with a man wearing sunglasses.

She wanted to let out a scream from her conditioned reflexes, but her mouth was covered by the man.

Lin Wanwan blinked. When Lu Zhanbei released his hand, she suppressed her voice and asked, “Why are you here?”

Lu Zhanbei’s big sunglasses covered half of his face. He rubbed his exposed thin lips slightly. “I’m here to chase stars. Do you believe that?”

“I do. There’s no need for you to lie to me.”

Lu Zhanbei snorted coldly. Lin Wanwan changed the topic and gleefully said, “My Luo Han is so outstanding. It’s normal that you like him too!”

“Yours?” Lu Zhanbei’s eyes turned cold.

“Sooner or later, he’ll be mine. I’ve reserved him.”


Luo Han captured the attention of the crowd fully, and no one noticed the both of them.

There was, however, a girl who’d discovered Lu Zhanbei when she wanted to support Lin Wanwan when she was about to fall previously.

Looking at the two “men” hugging intimately in broad daylight, her eyes shone. She was eager for some action!

Surrounded by crowds all around, Lu Zhanbei firmly held Lin Wanwan in his embrace and did not notice a shutter sound.

“Let’s talk after getting out of here.” Lin Wanwan could not bear to see the male god whom she can only watch from a distance being squeezed and felt that she had sinned heavily.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the bouquet of flowers she was carefully protecting in her hands, and his eyes moved a little. “Not going to give him flowers anymore?”

“Next time. I didn’t expect so many people to be here today. I’ve already obtained the role of the second female lead anyway. There are plenty of chances to interact with him in the future.”