Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 149

Chapter 149 I Can Recognize You Even From Your Ashes

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Lu Zhanbei did not say anything again and protected her while exiting the crowd.

Gu Mo, who was waiting outside the airport, opened the car door hurriedly. Both of them got on the car one after another.

As Lin Wanwan removed her sunglasses, she sighed. “Didn’t expect Luo Han to be so popular now. That’s only natural though. He’s good-looking, acts well, and even knows how to write songs and sing. Such a versatile and outstanding good-looking man. It’s hard for him not to be famous.”

In her previous life, when she died in a car accident, although Luo Han already had a certain reputation, it was not yet stabilized.

However, in two years’ time, he had already become one of the most sought-after male celebrities in Xia country.

Lu Zhanbei listened to her praises for Luo Han and raised his eyebrows. He said coldly, “He’s not as simple as you think he is.”

Immersed in her own thoughts, Lin Wanwan did not hear what he said and sighed regretfully. “What a pity. The plan to pursue him did not materialize. Thankfully, I have a couple of acting scenes with him. Love between us will blossom one of these days!”


It was here again, that inexplicable irritableness in his heart.

Lu Zhanbei drew a long breath and looked at Lin Wanwan. “How did you score for the mid-year examination?”

“Just passed, but”

Lu Zhanbei abruptly cut off her words. “Just a pass and you’re in the mood to fall in love?”

Snort. Who said that one can’t fall in love if the results weren’t good?

“Your results are so poor. Which good university can you get into in Imperial Capital in the future? You’re a public figure, after all, and have to set a good example to those who like you. It’s wrong that you haven’t reflected on this yet, and now you’re in the mood to fall in love? Lin Wanwan, do you not have other things in life you would like to pursue besides these?”

Lin Wanwan gave a blank look. “”

Lu Zhanbei lectured her like a discipline master lecturing a primary school student.

It looked like Lu Zhanbei was very angry that she didn’t score well.

This was the first time she’d heard him say such a long paragraph of words. He was so strict!

“Actually” She wanted to rebut, but under Lu Zhanbei’s cold stare, she obediently lowered her head. “I’m wrong!”

Lu Zhanbei’s looks eased a little, and he casually said, “From today onwards, I’ll give you tuition.”


Lin Wanwan wanted to tell him there was no need to. However, under Lu Zhanbei’s half-laughing gaze, she did not have the guts to reject him.

“You have an opinion?”

“ No.”

“Then return to Yun Mansion with me now. Tuition.”

“ Ok.”

Just like that, Lin Wanwan was dragged home by Lu Zhanbei for so-called tuition.

When the courteous butler Uncle Ying saw Lin Wanwan, he was stunned. “Sir, this young master is?”

Only then did Lin Wanwan react to the fact that she was dressed in a male outfit. She looked at Lu Zhanbei in puzzlement. “How did you recognize me when I’m dressed like this?”

When she looked in the mirror previously, she almost could not recognize herself. It was so chaotic back there, but Lu Zhanbei could find her at a glance. He was incredible!

“I can recognize you even from your ashes.”

Damn! His tone was so harsh. Did she provoke him again?

Lin Wanwan obediently shut up, lest she accidentally step on a minefield.

“Follow me up.”


Lin Wanwan followed Lu Zhanbei to the study room. The decorations and environment were exactly like Lu Zhanbei cold and expensive.

There was a large bookcase to the right that covered almost the entire front wall. It was well organized with a variety of books.

Lin Wanwan casually pulled a book outOh? How to please a woman?

Looking at such a book title, she could not help but laugh. “Didn’t expect you to be interested in this type of books.”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the cover and looked slightly depressed for a moment.