Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 150

Chapter 150 It's All You In My Mind

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He had bought this book a long time ago. Unfortunately, before he could finish reading, the person he would like to please was no longer around.

Lu Zhanbei took away the book from her hands and placed it back on the bookcase. Then, he pulled out two high school textbooks from a corner.

“Come over and sit.”

Lin Wanwan obediently followed what he said. Lu Zhanbei flipped open the textbook and pointed to a question on it. “Try this first. Let me assess your standards.”

He really wanted to tutor her?

Damn. She was already so old. To think that there would be a day when she would be forced to study!

Lin Wanwan glanced at the question and looked like she was being put in a difficult spot.

She knew how to do this question, but it was a little difficult to a high school student. If she does it in a jiffy, would that arouse Lu Zhanbei’s suspicion?

“Let’s start.”

Receiving the pen he handed over, Lin Wanwan resigned herself to fate and started to do the question.

She did not want to give herself away in front of Lu Zhanbei. Thus, she deliberately wrote the answer in a mess.

Lu Zhanbei looked at what she wrote and his expression gradually turned cold. In the end, he could not bear to look at it anymore.


Feeling the anger in his voice, Lin Wanwan had a wronged look on her face.

“Lin Wanwan, you can’t even do such a simple question, yet you still have the cheek to want to fall in love?”


Which law stipulates that people bad in studies cannot fall in love?

Furthermore, what was the relationship between her falling in love and him?

In a short period of time, he used this as a pretext to lecture her twice.

Lin Wanwan could not take it anymore and stuffed the pen in his hands. “If you’re so great, then do it!”

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows and sat down.

This chair was big. Although it was a little squeezy to accommodate two people, he could still sit down.

He held the pen and was about to start solving the question when he felt Lin Wanwan twisting around next to him. He immediately stretched out his long arm impatiently and seated her on his legs.

“Don’t move around!”

Sitting on his thigh, Lin Wanwan’s body stiffened, and she felt even more uncomfortable.

This position made her shy. The strong male scent brushed against her face, and Lin Wanwan’s ears were somewhat red.

Lu Zhanbei only busied himself with solving the question, as if not realizing the inappropriateness between them in that moment.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and tried to act nonchalant.

He stopped writing halfway. “I’ve already listed the solution to the question. Write the remaining yourself.”

Lin Wanwan pouted and looked at the solution he had written.

Lu Zhanbei’s words were like him as a person. Every stroke was sharp and powerful, like the vigorous touches and fine strokes in calligraphy.

After his analysis, a complicated Olympiad question immediately became simple and clear.

Scribble scribble scribble

Lin Wanwan started to write. In order to work against him, she deliberately wrote the answer in a mess.

Lu Zhanbei could not tolerate this any longer and interrupted, “Is it all glue in your mind?!”

“It’s all you in my mind!” Lin Wanwan blurted out, implying that glue was equivalent to Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows playfully. This girl knew how to retaliate.

Although he was indirectly scolded by Lin Wanwan, the funny thing was that not only did Lu Zhanbei not feel annoyed, there was actually a strange sense of warmth in his heart that dissipated the irritation he felt at her inability to answer the question correctly.

His lips curved slightly. He had a look that said he could not be bothered with her. “Forget it, a slow sparrow should make an early start. Look at me write carefully.”

Looking at the smile on his face, Lin Wanwan touched her chin in puzzlement. Why did she feel that he was in a good mood again?

He was still so happy after being criticized. It looked like she should scold him more often in future.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to be addicted to his new role as a tutor. Although the sky had darkened, he was still interested in teaching.