Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 151

Chapter 151 He Actually.. Towards A Little Girl

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Only after Lin Wanwan’s five internal organs started to protest did Lu Zhanbei look at her pitiful face and decided to let her off.

“We’ll stop here for today.”

“Woah” Lin Wanwan stretched her back as if subjected to amnesty, forgetting that she was still in Lu Zhanbei’s arms.

This movement pressed their bodies together, especially a certain key body part.

At that instant, her body hardened and she maintained the action of stretching her back.

(Song lyrics:Most afraid of the air turning quiet suddenly)

Lu Zhanbei also noticed something was wrong and had an unnatural look for a moment. “What’s wrong?”

“” He still had the cheek to ask her what was wrong!

Lin Wanwan’s face flushed red at a very fast speed. It complemented her beautiful looks with a kind of seductive flavor.

However, her uneasy expression and shy look while biting her lips caused people to have the urge to approach her.

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes darkened. His sexy Adam’s apple moved, suppressing the overbearing dryness caused by heat.

“You know, the key pouch.”

His tone was as indifferent as usual, but at an angle which Lin Wanwan could not see, the humor from his eyebrows was about to be let out.

“Why don’t you help me take it out?”

“” What the hell! He knew that she was not a fool, yet he still used this allusion to tease her!

Lin Wanwan glared at him fiercely. She jumped down from his legs with a red face and ran away quickly.

She was not his match in terms of low-down behavior. Although she couldn’t afford to offend him, she could hide!

Looking at her back view as she fled, Lu Zhanbei let out a low laugh.

After a long while, he suddenly reacted and his expression became indifferent again. Holding his forehead with one hand, a hint of light flickered in his phoenix-shaped eyes.

He actually had desires for a little girl?

The critical thing was that Lin Wanwan did not tease him just now.

Could it be that since he had never touched a woman before, even his basic self-control was starting to diminish?

This was a dangerous signal.

Although Lin Wanwan flew into a rage out of humiliation after being teased, she was eventually sold over by Lu Zhanbei’s desserts.

The next day, Lu Zhanbei sent Lin Wanwan to school. She sat in the back seat and scrolled through her Weibo in boredom.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her bulging cheeks and thought it was funny. “You’re still angry?”

Lin Wanwan flipped her hair arrogantly. “I can’t be bothered with a beast in human clothing!”

Hearing this, Gu Mo, who was driving, had a little spasm!

Could it be that Sir did something shameful to Ms. Lin yesterday?

But Ms. Lin was still underaged!

He actually did not even let a child off. A beast indeed!

Gu Mo was complaining in his heart when Lu Zhanbei threw him a sharp glance. His expression immediately changed, and he continued to drive while sitting rigidly uptight.

Lin Wanwan suddenly said excitedly, “Lu Zhanbei, both of us are on the news. Hahaha, how interesting. Quick, take a look!”

Lu Zhanbei received the mobile and looked down.

Gay couple shockingly discovered when picking up famous actor Luo from the airport. Their looks go against Heaven’s law!

There was a photo underneath the caption.

Lin Wanwan, who was dressed in a male outfit, was looking timid and lovable like a little woman in Lu Zhanbei’s embrace. Although both of them wore sunglasses and there was an angle issue so it was unclear, their looks displayed exquisite facial contours.

Hahaha, first time seeing such a handsome gay in my life. My rotting soul is burning!

Who’s the dominant one and who’s the submissive one between the two?

Of course the one wearing a hat. Looking so timid and lovable like a little woman. He must be the one being pressed down in bed, hahaha.

The netizens did not recognize Lin Wanwan. As for Lu Zhanbei, even if his entire face was exposed, an ordinary person would not have known who he was.