Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 152

Chapter 152 You Want To Press Me Down?

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Looking at these comments, Lin Wanwan started to beam with joy. But in retrospect, she became unhappy.

“Rubbish! Even if I were gay, I will be the one pressing people down in bed!”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. “You want to press me down?”

“Oh” Looking at Lu Zhanbei’s interested gaze, her aggressiveness took a hit instantly. She asked weakly, “May I?”

“I can try.”

“” How would she dare to!

Unless she ascends the throne and becomes a queen. Even so, she wouldn’t have dared to as well.

Lu Zhanbei continued to scroll and saw that there were a number of comments that complimented him and Lin Wanwan about being compatible together. The corners of his lips subconsciously curved up.

Seeing that he was so absorbed, Lin Wanwan sighed as she realized that there was actually such a gossipy side to him. Suddenly, the mobile vibrated.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and asked, “Who called?”

Lu Zhanbei did not answer and stared at the numbers displayed on the screen. His smile slowly disappeared.

This foreign number seemed to be Tang Chen’s.

“Why are you not saying anything?”

Lin Wanwan leaned over, but Lu Zhanbei had already calmly hung up the call. “Nuisance call.”

“Oh. Remember to blacklist this number for me.”

“No problem.” Lu Zhanbei calmly dragged Tang Chen’s number to the blacklist and returned the mobile to her.

When they reached the school, Lu Zhanbei handed over a document bag. “This is for you.”

Lin Wanwan casually received it. “What is this?”

“Examination papers.”

Lin Wanwan stopped in the act of opening the document bag and looked at Lu Zhanbei heartachingly.

This man was addicted to being a teacher! Not counting him tutoring her homework, now he was even giving her a set of examination papers!

It was probably easy to read Lin Wanwan’s thoughts from her expression. Lu Zhanbei smiled slightly and said, “Not a set, but three sets.”

“” Heh heh!

This time, even if the threat of Lu Zhanbei’s key pouch surfaced, Lin Wanwan could not tolerate it any longer. “I reject!”


Lin Wanwan was about to leave when Lu Zhanbei threw out a sentence lightly the next second, “Next time, you won’t ever get to eat food from Jin Tong Que.”

This threat was a killing blow!

Lin Wanwan’s expression kept changing. After a long while, she bit her tooth.

Good for you!

“I’ll do them!”

The way she clenched her teeth looked extremely like a wild kitten who wanted to flare up but had no choice but to restrain her claws.

Lu Zhanbei stretched out his hand and touched her head in a good-tempered manner, as if stroking the fur of a cat.

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly and turned her head. Don’t think that she would buy it just because she was given a sweet after a slap!

“I’m leaving!” She pushed open the car door and stretched out a leg.

Lu Zhanbei called her again, “Lin Wanwan.”


He said warningly, “Before you score 95 marks on the papers, you must put away thoughts of falling in love with Luo Han.”

“” Crap! Even the police were not that controlling!

Lin Wanwan glared at him in anger. Her cheeks started to bulge like two pink buns.

Lu Zhanbei had the urge to pinch them. As he stretched his hand midway, he realized he had lost his cool and pinched her cheeks hard in exasperation!

“I’ll get them to deliver to you tonight.”

Lin Wanwan cried out “Boohoo” in pain. She rubbed the spot that was pinched and made inaudible sounds.

She wanted to have the guts to reject, but upon thinking about the food that look, smell, and taste good, she relented.

“Wait and see. I’ll be able to reach your standards very quickly!”

To her, these examination papers were not difficult at all.

Furthermore, she could secretly keep in contact with Luo Han. Lu Zhanbei wouldn’t know anyway!

After thinking about it, Lin Wanwan’s mood improved. She felt that Lu Zhanbei was becoming more and more like a guardian now.